08 best online post-apocalyptic games

Following are The best online post-apocalyptic games of 2022.


Created by just one developer, and as a teenager, Unturned, a free-to-play survival sim with simple graphics, has attracted millions of gamers, all thanks to the role-playing experiences they create. So, here you can aimlessly survive in an abandoned world, but it’s better to try playing on RP servers, where everyone chooses a role for themselves and tries to play it, which gives rise to a lot of interesting situations (try, for example, to become a sheriff and catch bandits-players, while the streets are roaming the dead).


An unusual free online post-apocalyptic game in which you don’t have to crush the skulls of the dead and monsters, and even other players. This is a fishing simulator with elements of survival – get ready to meet and feast on the mutated inhabitants of the reservoirs, but do not be surprised that such food will affect the character’s health. Atom Fishing II also inherits MMO mechanics and offers to fish with other users, upgrade character characteristics and complete quests.


A post-apocalyptic online game, the gameplay of which is survival on the territory of a certain post-Soviet state. Players will be able to complete various tasks, improve the skills of their character, select equipment, craft and fight various opponents.


A co-op action game for four players who act as a team of volunteer explorers of a mysterious island with paranormal phenomena and supernatural creatures. Desolate differs from all other projects on our list with an even darker and more mysterious post-apocalyptic atmosphere, which is why the game can be recommend to horror lovers .


A multiplayer shooter with RPG elements based on the popular STALKER universe. The main advantage of this game is, of course. The opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite shooter surrounded by other similar players.


An open-world multiplayer survival simulator from independent developers from Entrada Interactive LLC. The crazygames online does not leave such a bad impression as one might expect: a post-apocalyptic future, a variety of enemies and weapons, a picturesque ruined world, an abundance of weather events and much more.

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The shooter-MMORPG  Stay Out is imbued with the spirit of stalking, which fans of this version of the post-apocalypse will surely appreciate – an abandoned world with artifacts and mutants awaits you, difficult conditions for survival and cozy gatherings around the fire with other survivors. Unlike brothers in the genre, this game offers to make friends with various firearms more closely – there are a lot of them, and the upgrade options are impressive. Stay Out is free to play, which is why there is an annoying and not very fair donation here .


Third-person co-op action game whose best crazygames world is invaded by beings from another dimension. Unprepare for such an advent, people quickly lost the war, and the only hope of the survivors is portals to other universes in which evil can be root out. The player will have to assemble a team and go to explore dynamically generated worlds.

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