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10 Amazing Websites You Didn’t Know Existed

Getting the attention they deserve. So coming up you too if you’re a man because we enjoyed making this content I’ll show you 10 amazing websites in various categories you may have never seen ever getting started right now. 

The fake person generator

First up is the fake person generator for those times when you need a fake online identity devoid of spam or identity theft. The site will create a fake identity that will help to protect you across the internet with more details than the others.

 I join you in the past first here at the top and your gender. For H. I’ll just go 25. State Louisiana and for the city, I’ll go with New Orleans. Then click on generate. What says I’m a white male 6 feet tall and about 183 pounds. My mother’s maiden name is Brandon and I’m dating and looking for love. 

Rolled out here bet my planet status is a leave of absence and make about $2800 per month and if you continue to scroll down to get additional information for example the vehicle I drive is a 2003 mercury sable.

 Just remember all the details are fake the site is just for fun only use. The information provided where you’re legally allowed to do so.

Shady URL

 The second side is called shady URL if you’re into playing harmless pranks on your friends, family, or co-workers. The site will shorten the URL to make it look suspicious to make them thank you. Click on the link they can get now where I have some other issues. This website create urls like them https // and https //

 I guess that it’s totally harmless first entered the U. R. L. into the box. let’s go with When you’re done with that click on submit. It will now show you the new link this one does look very suspicious. Just copy and paste it wherever you need it.

 When you click the link you can see that it takes you to the actual site you entered earlier. UP next are.

Cross-state DOT Ohio

 The third site is cross-state DOT Ohio. This one is really fun to create mashups of multiple contents from either YouTube content or sound cloud. Can you show me how it works? 

With one I created personally you begin with 2 tracks one for content and one for audio or the content or copy the address from the Nicki Minaj anaconda music content on YouTube and pasted it on the first track. And for the audio copy, the address for you can’t touch this by MC hammer and paste on the second track. 

But some experimentation using the CCI sources added at the start that to 17 seconds for the first track. For the second track set the start to 15 seconds. When you’re done click on save. The 2 copyright reasons I can’t play this one for you are the links to the contents mentioned can be found in the description.

 Just be careful not to play this one for grandpa. It might cause them to have a heart attack. 

 Paste died

Our fourth website paste died helps you discover new music, movies TV shows, books, authors, games, and now podcasts. Does this by finding content similar to what you already like. It’s easy to use I could leave it on all categories or select one of the categories listed.

 Go to TV shows here and do a search for the office. A chance like it you’ll now see shows that things are similar like Arrested Development and community. It’s not perfect breaking bad does have its funny moments it should not be listed here. 

 Restart page

The website I have for you today is the restart page. If you need to just all day in your life it lets you relive the experience of restarting your old computers as a quick example. Let’s restart windows X. P.. R.

Look into your past

 6 website is one of the most interesting. In this context what happened in my birth year offers a look into the past and the events that took place in the year of your birth. She began her birth year and hit enter. To avoid any spoilers for some of you.

For Music Lovers

 Let’s move on to the next site. UP next the seventh website is tuned by. This is what I keep bookmarked to quickly find the music in an episode of a TV show, movie, or content game.

 The quickest way to use the site is to do a search here at the top. Just type the name of the TV show, movie, or game and select when it shows up. He chose a TV show to select the season. Then select the episode. 

Now see the songs listed with the option to play on Amazon music, apple music, Spotify, and YouTube.

The office

 If you’re a true fan of the authors are 8 website is for you. In the office. their machine does you every moment over 9 seasons that a character staring at the camera based on the motion.

 You entered hello Paul this one either in the box. Just enter the emotion for example happy. Select it to click on go and enjoy. 


Our website is wikiHow on here you can get answers on how to do just about anything that you can take up. Just type your query into the search box and hit enter. Well now see a list of tutorials on that subject that you might want to check out maybe some that you don’t.

 Campsite a soft murmur

 Our campsite a soft murmur is for those of you who can’t stand complete silence when reading or working it. Lets you create a mix of ambient background noises quickly and easily. Sliders to where you want them to see that there are several to choose from.

 When you’re done click on play. Another site to check out if you want something with no fuss is rainy days the only sliders for the volume and that’s that but here’s what you get.

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