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12 Important Things to Remember When Shifting Your House for First Time

Since you are contemplating shifting your house for the first time, it is natural to feel perplexed. Don’t worry, as I have got you the 12 important things to remember when you are shifting your house for the first time. Go through the pointers:

1. Don’t move without a plan

Don’t make the grim mistake of moving without a plan. “Go with the flow,” is only a good one-liner, and don’t take it too seriously; especially while shifting your house. You cannot go with the flow as a complicated procedure like house shifting doesn’t happen in a flow unless you do something about it. You have to plan out every step involved in the move. Starting from fixing the day of the move and the budget of the move to the preferences of your move; everything needs to be decided. The better you plan your move; the better will be the execution.

2. Shift with the professionals

House shifting involves some basic steps like packing, stacking, moving, unloading, and unpacking. Conducting these steps with efficiency needs a professional touch. Therefore, contact the professional packers and movers near your area who can cater to your shifting needs within the limits of your budget. Look for recommendations from your friends, co-workers, and neighbours, or check the online reviews of the customers who have already availed of their services.

3. Shift after comparing the rates

Don’t finalise the first company you check out on the internet or if you find it near your house as you stroll in the evening. House shifting in Pune is a serious matter and you have to go through an extensive process before finalising one. Check 3 to 4 moving companies and ask their agents to come and conduct a pre-move survey and prepare a cost quotation from their end. After you receive the cost quotations from the companies, you should opt for the one that is offering you the lowest quote.

4. Don’t keep things piled up for the last minute

As soon as you fix the moving day and your moving budget, start preparing for the moving day. Make a checklist and schedule the necessary tasks according to the days you have left before the moving day. If you follow the checklist without procrastinating on the tasks till the last day, you will complete all the preparations. You can relax and instruct the packers and movers Kolkata to Pune about how you want certain things to be done. If you pile up the tasks at the last minute, there will be a lot of chaos and you won’t find time to supervise the move.

5. De-clutter before the move

It is not a wise choice to move with all the belongings that you have under the roof. This is because many things in your existing household are not required later on as you move to your new house. Check your wardrobe, shoe rack, book rack, etc. and you will be able to find out ample things that you should discard before you move. You can even feel that you need to replace the old furniture and some of the appliances in your new house. Instead of discarding them after the move, you should discard them before the move.

By doing so, you will slash down the size of the move and thereby the cost of the move will decrease. Thus, you should de-clutter your belongings before the move.

6. Don’t compromise on the quality of the packing supplies

Don’t compromise on the quality of packing supplies; the packing boxes in particular. If you think of getting free packing boxes from your nearest grocery store or supermarket, you will be doing a big mistake. Those packing boxes are not of a sturdy build and as you try to move your belongings in them, they may fall apart damaging the things inside them. Always pick good-quality packing boxes.

7. Don’t fall prey to a moving scam

Don’t be relaxed thinking that you have found a moving company near your area and are offering you the services within your budget so everything is sorted for you. You have no idea whether the moving company is genuine or fraud. You need to verify the legitimacy of the moving company before signing a contract with them. Go to their office and check their credentials like the trade license, IBA-authorisation, GST certificate, and company PAN card. After checking these documents, you can go ahead with them.

8. Make an essentials kit

If you don’t make an essentials kit, you have to hunt down all the packing boxes when you will need a towel or a bed sheet. Therefore, pack all the essentials in a box before the day of the move. Pack things like your towels, a bed sheet, a fresh set of clothes, undergarments, some toiletries, and your toothbrush of course.

9. Pack things the right way

It is important to pack your belongings in the right way. If you have glassware or other fragile items, you should wrap them in layers of packing paper and bubble wraps. Use Styrofoam inside the boxes and then stack the fragile items cautiously. Secure the boxes with packing tape while moving and mark them “fragile”. Make sure that you do not load anything on top of those boxes.

10. Label the boxes from outside

Packing boxes look similar from the outside and you cannot make out which box contains what after the move. So, you should label the boxes from the outside using marker pens or by using colourful masking tapes. Assign each room a separate colour and label the boxes with the colours of the particular rooms.

11. Avail of moving insurance

While shifting your house from one place to another, especially when you are shifting from one city to another, you should avail of moving insurance. If you are insured during your move, your moving company will bear all the damages if there is any loss or damage to the belongings on the move.

12. Be careful about the utilities

Utilities help us sustain your modern-day lifestyle. Electricity, water, gas, DTH, trash collection, etc. are some of the utilities. As you move from one place to another, be careful about transferring the utilities to your new address.


Since it is your first-time shifting experience, you will feel the pressure of juggling so many tasks at the same time. But if you make a checklist and follow it, you will be sorted on a moving day. I hope the article on the 12 important things to remember when you are shifting your house for the first time will be useful to plan out your move in the right way. I wish you a memorable first-time move!

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