21 Best Small Business Ideas in India in 2022

If you are wondering how you can start a business on a small scale without putting in risks of high investment and unfortunate money loss, then here you have a list of 21 best small business ideas in India you can try even sitting at your home with little investment and a lot of passion reaping you great profits.

1. Culinary Classes

You can teach people who need to learn how to cook different cuisines or even basic dishes if you are a good cook. You can do this by starting classes at your home or even renting a small space with no investments. You can start out by providing classes for the dishes most in demand by the customers.

2. Tiffin Service

You can deliver food to the customers while sitting in the comfort of your home kitchen. A lot of people with busy schedules with no time to cook food look forward to such food catering services. You can send the food to the desired location and charge a delivery fee along with it.

3. Dessert Parlour

If you are good at baking sweet dishes like cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and chocolates then you can easily start a dessert parlour with the only investment in the form of ingredients for your desserts! You can post an advertisement online and ask your family and friends to circulate it among all their contacts to increase your reach.

4. Coaching Classes

You can give tutoring to students based upon which class you are comfortable with ranging from pre-school kids to even higher classes like 10th and 12th along with the subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Economics etc that you feel you have a strong hold on. The only investment, in this case, would be your brain and knowledge!

5. Painting Classes

Make use of your artistic side by providing painting classes to people right from kids to even adults who want to learn aesthetics and art. There are so many kinds of art ranging from traditional, and modern to interpretational, you can use them all to fit your target audience.

6. Freelance Content Writing

If you feel you have a strong hold on English language and grammar skills then you can offer your writing services to other companies, and organisations who need to write blogs and content for their brand and websites. There are numerous companies online, looking to hire content writers.

7. Tailoring/ Sewing

Do you know how to sew clothes and weave sweaters? Then put your needle and thread to use by offering to tailor clothes, and alter clothes for customers. You can easily use your own sewing machine from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need to invest in the fabric since the customers would already provide you with their desired fabric.

8. Beauty Parlour

If you are good at skincare then you can extend this talent to your customers and earn money by providing services like threading, facial, waxing, spa, saree draping or makeup for special occasions to your customers. You can make a start from your home or even offer to travel to your customer’s house by including the travel fare in the bill.

9. Handmade Gifts Service

You can create handmade gifts, frames, and gift boxes, design them, and wrap them up beautifully for your customers while making decent money out of them. There are even tutorials on various platforms demonstrating how to create creative gift boxes, cards and gifts which are professionally sold by the creators.

10. Juice/ Shake Service

You can sell juice of all kinds of fruits ranging from mango, and orange to watermelon or sell shakes like milkshakes, Oreo shakes, chocolate shakes and whatnot! You can customize the packaging even on a small budget by choosing a style that you prefer for your brand’s image. This happens to be one of the most fun and lucrative businesses for many.

11. Hair Stylist

If you enjoy trying out new hairstyles and keeping up with the latest trends then you can offer to style people’s hair for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and whatnot! You can either invite them to your house or go to their houses while charging the travel fare as well.

12. Flower Bouquet Service

Make use of your creativity by making bouquets or even garlands from the comfort of your home. If you already have a garden with a variety of flowers then there could not be a more profitable business for you with less investment and high returns!

13. Language Classes

Are you fluent on a professional level in a language? Even if it is a regional language you can still make a profit by teaching it to others. Especially foreigners have a high demand for learning Indian languages which you can teach with Online classes.

14. Fast Food Service

You can sell fast food like burgers, pizzas, french fries, and fried chicken which are relatively easy to make or have your own food truck which would basically be like living a movie dream we all watched growing up.

15. Yoga Classes

If you are a fitness enthusiast, channel your inner fitness with others by providing yoga classes, and pilate sessions and make money out of it! All you need is a spacious room and mats, that’s all!

16. Computer Classes

Are you good at computers or even better Software? You can teach people coding or Java, C++, etc.  All you need is your computer or just your customer’s computer along with your skills!

17. Music Classes

If you are praised for your honey-like voice then you can go ahead and teach your singing skills to others either by going to their place or inviting them to yours. You can also teach instruments like guitar, piano, violin, and drums if you are a master at it.

18. Sports Classes

Make use of your athletic skills by providing sports classes to other boys like cricket, football, tennis, badminton etc. This would not only make you money but make you happy doing something you love while making money!

19. Candle/ Soap Making

One of the ways to relieve stress is said to be by making candles or soaps due to the calming process and pleasing scents involved in the process. You can teach others this therapeutic art and also sell them if you want to!

20. Driving Classes

Are you known for your professional driving skills? Put it to use by teaching others how to pass their driving test! Though, making sure you obtain a licensed certificate first would be a great headstart to your business.

21. Henna Artist

The demand for henna and mehndi artists will never be out of the question in India, be it a metropolitan city or a small city. You can always count on using your skills in this field and also make great numbers owing to the money spent on the significance this holds in Indian weddings, marriages, bridal showers, engagements and so many festivals.

Conclusion – Small Business Ideas in India

These were some of the small businesses that you can count on for making you money while also doing the work that you love and are passionate about. After all, anything that you pursue out of love is bound to reap great rewards!

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