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5 Brands Using TikTok & Crushing It

The Washington Post

Numerous brands are currently using TikTok to promote their company’s profile and attract the attention of new Tiktok followers. Although the app doesn’t allow in-app purchases directly through organic posts, companies have successfully made engaging and relatable content to use in TikTok campaigns. From hashtags and songs that are viral to challenges, there’s an endless amount of possibilities for marketing on TikTok. Read on to discover five companies on TikTok that are thriving in 2020.

The Washington Post

Imagine a news organization that produces quality journalism and content; you would expect its social media platforms to be the same. However, the Washington Post has found significant success with TikTok since it broke the mold and customized its content to fit the application’s aesthetic. Instead of publishing the same content posted on their website, or other social media platforms, The Washington Post keeps its TikTok humorous and lighthearted.

The group can remain true to its brand and add a touch of sexiness with its TikTok videos. Their content usually hints at or addresses relevant issues, including the upcoming elections or other major events, with a dash of humor. The humorous videos prove that The Washington Post knows its followers on TikTok.

Aiming at younger users who consume videos in bite-sized chunks has increased the brand’s followers to over 420,000 and 20 million followers. Their most recent video series on coronavirus added a dash of humor and fun to an otherwise serious matter. While other platforms provide relevant information on the spread of the virus throughout the world, TikTok has funny videos about the daily life of people in quarantine.


Chipotle has seen a lot of success in the past, marketing to young audiences. While the brand has existed for decades, its main target market is young, like young professionals or college students. With their group in mind, they can adjust to meet their people wherever they are, including on TikTok.

The #GuacDance contest was among the first viral challenges launched on TikTok. Chipotle used the occasion of Avocado Day, encouraging users to come up with a dance that focuses on avocados or Guacamole. The contest was successful due to its simplicity. There weren’t any complicated dance steps to master or special effects. The users were free to be as imaginative as they liked. Today, videos that use the hashtag #guacdance have received over one billion viewers on TikTok.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo saw a fantastic opportunity through TikTok and decided to take it. Who doesn’t like adorable animal videos paired with entertaining music or popular audio tracks? The brand helps raise awareness about the numerous species and attractions in the zoo while catering to the needs of its patrons. Videos of San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo can be enjoyed by everyone and require a small investment from the company to produce.

It is also worth noting that the San Diego Zoo also utilizes the duet feature of TikTok. Brands have the chance to promote their products or services by working together with users. A duet can highlight your brand, and another’s, which can be viewed by a different public. Zoos also share videos regularly. They do not post content daily. However, they do upload a couple of videos every month. This method has helped them grow their following to nearly 300,000 followers and more than three million fans.


Information from the NBA is all over the internet, from TV and other outlets to social media sites for the teams and brands. But the NBA has been successful in using TikTok by making content exclusive to the platform. The videos they share on their TikTok page aren’t identical to those posted on other media or repurposed materials taken from different campaigns. The NBA recognizes the necessity to keep the same design of the content posted on TikTok for it to be successful Check Now

The brand manages to keep its posts lighthearted blog posts; instead of focusing on statistics and games, which might be interesting to those who love sports, they post more personal information. Interviews with athletes, humorous videos of athletes of the past, and motivational clips or quotes assist the NBA to reach out to the younger crowd, regardless of whether they’re avid basketball fans or not.

Relatable content is essential for success in TikTok marketing. Posting videos are used on other channels may not always yield results. TikTok users have developed their distinctive style and demand certain content each time they log on to the app. In offering a glimpse of the private lives of the most famous athletes and keeping content fun. The NBA has amassed more than 10,000 followers and 180 million fans.

Elf Cosmetics

Music is the foundation of the TikTok application. It was first named The karaoke-style app has evolved with time and now includes video content such as skits, voiceovers, and vlogs. However, music is still an integral element of the experience. Users can browse for videos based on audio tracks, and some songs are often linked with a specific type of video or content.

Elf Cosmetics saw the potential of music on TikTok and decided to commission a track for the application. This track, called Eyes Lips Face track, quickly went viral, and the brand launched TikTok influencer campaigns to encourage the usage of their track. Today this Eyes Lips Face song has been featured in over 1.7 million videos, and Elf Cosmetics has more than 11,000 followers. In addition, the hashtag #eyeslipsface was utilized more than 5 billion times, proving that tiny investment can result in remarkable brand recognition through TikTok.

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