5 Common Types of Tow Trucks with Specialties

5 Common Types of Tow Trucks with Specialties

When your vehicle stops working suddenly and leaves you stranded in the middle of the road, all you need is a towing service. Since many people panic and fail to cope with these issues. But if you know what to do and how to cope with this situation, you can overcome it easily. Since there are different types of tow trucks, you can learn a lot about them. Each truck has its uniqueness, which helps it deal with towing scenarios.

Since many incidents occur on roads, which leads to the demand for these tow trucks. Moreover, drivers can’t afford to use any other mode of moving their vehicles. It is because of the vulnerability to damage and they don’t want to have further problems trying to drag their vehicles. Similarly, these trucks have different features and each feature has a different handling technique. One more thing, these trucks heavily depend on components like swivel hook, lifting crossbow, and suspension system. So, you must be aware of the top swivel hook wholesaler before you buy some.

Tilt-Back / Flatbed Tow Truck

The first type is a flatbed or a tilt-back tow truck. This one is highly preferred for carrying a vehicle on its trailer. Users prefer it when they need to transport a vehicle, machines, or raw materials for a long distance. With the help of this truck, you can transport multiple vehicles from one city to another one. It is because of its long enough trailer, whose length ranges between 20 and 40 feet. Similarly, people prefer it when it comes to the safe transportation of material, especially for luxury vehicles.

It carries vehicles that are either brand new or damaged. Normally, these trucks transport vehicles from the warehouse to the showroom or from the site of the accident to a workshop. That’s why you would see these flatbed trucks’ usage in specific needs. Besides, it has lots of similarities with the car-carrier trailer, which is also a giant in the truck industry.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

This one helps in lifting vehicles from the front side. These wheel lift tow trucks have the capacity to carry a weight of around 2000 kgs and they can rise a bit. How does it do that? It has a wheel lift frame at the back, which helps lift mostly 2-wheel-drive vehicles. That’s why it is not suitable for 4WD or 4×4 because of the risk of overheating the coupling unit. Due to its powerful hydraulic system, it can carry 2WD vehicles easily. Besides, a wheel lift tow truck provides assistance in towing vehicles, which are caught in the wrong parking areas.

Since these wrongly parked vehicles are locked and can’t be accessed, a wheel lift to trucks works best in this case to move those vehicles. Also, if someone’s vehicle collapses down because of any mechanical problem or a severe puncture, these wheel lift tow trucks help move those vehicles. But it is not as simple as it looks but a wrong way of pulling a car can damage its wheel foundation because the steering side has to be kept above ground. Also make sure to check wheel brakes because if the rear wheels are locked, it may cause severe damage to the axles of a car.

Boom Tow Truck/ Rotator Tow Truck

Have you ever thought about who could tow heavy vehicles like trucks, buses, and lifters? A boom tow truck is there for heavy-duty lifting. Some call them ‘crane trucks’ too. Why do people call them crane trucks? It is because these tow trucks have a crane and swivel hook. With the help of this crane, it can lift tons of weight quite easily. It could be any kind of heavy vehicle when it comes to towing them.

They have powerful hydraulic booms, which use swivel hooks to pull those massive vehicles from accident sites or even any mechanical problem. Many heavy vehicles collapse in severe weather conditions like snowfall and to clear the way, these boom or rotatory trucks help lift them.

Integrated Tow Truck

This type of tow truck is a cross-version of two types. These two types are boom trucks and wheel lift trucks. Due to having both boom and wheel lift facilities, it has got the name of the integrated tow truck. In many cases, towing companies can’t understand the situation and type of vehicle, so they use integrated tow trucks to handle them. If a wheel lift suits them better, they use that option. If a situation requires a boom, they use that option then. Because of having both options, these integrated tow trucks are preferred in many scenarios. Likewise, some companies use them for their internal movement and supply chain activities because they have good performance and can be used for various tasks to increase performance. Hence, they have a very high demand in some other markets besides towing services.

Hook and Chain Tow Truck

After all those types, here is the last one, which is a hook and chain tow truck. It is the most basic one with the simple technology of a hook and a chain. It is widely used for towing vehicles, which fail to start because of any mechanical issue in them. In detail, if someone’s vehicle stops working suddenly and it needs to be taken to a mechanic, all a person needs is a hook and chain tow truck for mobility. That is why these standard tow trucks are very common in many cases of engine problems. Even if you look at developing and underdeveloped countries, these trucks have a very high usage as per the simplicity of the job. That’s why they don’t rely on a hydraulic system and any wheel lifting mode, instead, they use an evergreen system, which is based on hook and chain.


All these tow trucks have a substantial worth in the world if you look in depth. Similarly, many industries keep them in a spare to handle natural calamities. These calamities could be anything and the supply chain world has to be proactive against every challenge. Likewise, there are numerous types of trucks to fulfill other needs of transportation because you can’t rely on just a few categories. Hopefully, now you have enough info related to these tow trucks to handle any unlikely circumstance in the future.

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