5 Latest Features of SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Plugin

The one thing nobody likes who are running CRM Businesses is they don’t pay heed to new Products and Extensions. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A Software that doesn’t spin out of control. It always keeps the customer closer to your firm. Besides investing in strategies, you should also pour your dollars into Great Products like SuiteCRM Twilio SMS. 

SMS is the fastest communication channel so why not take advantage of it? The article will help you to make your CRM more convenient after adding this add-on. 

Twilio SMS Plugin Definition

A powerful platform for communication today is Twilio and people used to manage customer information separately in SuiteCRM. We synced both and introduced SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Extension. It allows you to share SMS faster and everything will be updated on both platforms. Firms can now share SMS from CRM software with the full facility of Twilio software. You can send SMS to enormous customers at a single time. 

Why to Invest here only? 

We have a great story to tell. Want to know?

Once a client shared his problem with us. He said that his Sales and Marketing department was working very nicely, but they were used to avoiding many critical tasks sometimes. The department of both spending tons of time-sharing SMS from CRM software or sometimes they prefer Twilio. Imagine how hard a task it is to share SMS with dozens of vital customers. For this sharing SMS, his company departments ignored many crucial works or they were delayed. To outgrow your business, delaying or ignoring should not be in your dictionary. The clients asked us what to do here?

We have a Great Extension for their CRM firm. We informed him about the Twilio SMS plugin for his company. The main key role is to send SMS to the bulk of customers in one click. In one go, the SMS will be delivered to all those customers effortlessly. Thus, it saves time. Now the client is happy using this extension as no department is ignoring any task now. Because SMS tasks are now under our Product. This easy-to-use Plugin can save a significant amount of time and money. The company is still happy with all other ultimate Functionalities too. 

Functionalities of SuiteCRM Twilio SMS Plugin

Investing after knowing about Best-in-class Products is important. Have a look at the below points- 

  • This Robust Product allows you to save the SMS conversation of all customers. We believe if you strive for this plugin you will use it daily for SMS sharing with the audience. A better way to know the entire conversation of every customer is that it should be saved. Without any shadow of a doubt, this extension can save conversations with no error. 
  • SMS sharing facility with Multiple customers. The product has the ability to deliver on time and in one click it will reach your customers. One by one method of sharing is over. Investing in time-saving add-ons keeps improving your work productivity. So, make sure you have this product in your hands. 
  • It would be interesting to do a Live Chat with the CRM users. We are providing this functionality in our extension where you can solve their problems on time without any procrastination. Make delightful relationships with the audience rapidly. 
  • Research says SMS Template sharing is also a crucial strategy to fetch new prospects and turn them into regular paying customers. For this Template sharing process, endeavor for this product to achieve the “Customer Getting” goal. 
  • Regularly getting SMS which is no use to your business. Don’t fret, we have a better solution. Unlike other CRM products, SuiteCRM Twilio SMS provides the feature of opt-out. Just type and send STOP and you will not receive the SMS the next time from that company. 

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