5 Things to Look for in an Outsourced Domestic Call Center Company

Partnering with a truly effective call center company can greatly benefit your business. For instance, it can free up internal resources you can use elsewhere. That applies to both employee resources and a major investment in telecommunications resources. The right call center company can also improve your sales, customer engagement, and brand reputation. All these things combined can greatly benefit your business, making the partnership worth the investment. But how do you know if you’ve found the right partner? Here are a few things that separate the best domestic call centers from the rest.

A Call Center Company with Highly-Skilled Employees

When you partner with a call center, the link between your business and your customer is the agent. This is why choosing a call center company that focuses on finding and employing the best possible agents is a must. That begins with the recruitment process. The call center should filter for candidates based on their innate skills and qualities that can’t necessarily be taught. The best agents have a knack for problem resolution with superior interpersonal and communication skills. Finally, their agents should have a passion for helping others and a positive, self-motivated attitude. These innate qualities can make a considerable difference in your customers’ experiences.

A Call Center with an Industry-Leading Training Program

Raw talent needs to be refined for a workforce that truly shines. Additionally, the best refinement is achieved by a call center outsourcing company with an industry-leading training program. Basically, that training program should focus on nurturing the technique of “conscious conversations.” Generally, that involves engaging customers in natural dialogue. That means rejecting the generic, impersonal, and mechanical script-reading that is unfortunately all too common in the industry. Instead, your customers should feel like they’re speaking to a friend or someone who truly wants to help and find the best resolution possible.

A Call Center with an Impressive Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio

A reliable way to know if a call center outsourcing company has combined innate skills with exceptional training is to check its agent-to-supervisor ratio. A small, focused agent-to-supervisor ratio allows for agile, on-the-spot customer service and sales. The lowest in the industry can be found at a company called DialAmerica, with an agent-to-supervisor ratio of 12:1. That is the standard which you should evaluate every call company against.

A Call Center Outsourcing Company with Experience

Sometimes, there is simply no substitute for experience. That experience benefits everyone, from the management to the supervisors to the agents on the phones. And, of course, years of experience benefits any business partnering with a call center company. That experience ensures that a call center outsourcing company knows what works, what doesn’t work, and how to apply that knowledge.

A Call Center That Focuses on Tailored Relationships

A call center outsourcing company should focus on fine-tuning relationships with its partners. The fact is, every business is different. Every organization has specific needs and goals. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach to a partnership is not a recipe for success. Choose a call center that has experience in a variety of different industries. And more specifically, choose a company that emphasizes custom-tailored partnerships with businesses in those industries. That experience, versatility, and focus will benefit any business that partners with them.

About DialAmerica

DialAmerica provides call center outsourcing services designed to consistently exceed client expectations. They average 100,000 phone hours weekly, which works out to 100 million calls made a year. At DialAmerica, the goal is to establish a human connection with both current and potential customers, providing the best contact center experience possible. They consistently deliver the industry’s highest conversion rates and the top customer satisfaction scores. They train their skilled sales teams to reliably perform on a higher level, which supports optimal revenue generation to benefit your bottom line. DialAmerica employs skilled professionals working from the finest domestic facilities to produce a legacy of success. Their results speak for themselves.

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