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5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair Stronger

Hair dryers for weak hairs are not recommended because they are one of the main causes of hair breakage. Instead, let your hair air dry whenever possible. When you do need to use heat styling tools, make sure you use a heat protectant product on your hair before styling to minimize the damage. Also, avoid using damaging hairstyles such as tight ponytails, braids, or cornrows.

Our hair is an important part of us and we’re going to do what it takes to keep them strong and healthy. There are many things that can affect the healthiness of our hair, so start doing these 5 things to make your hair stronger.

Use a mild shampoo and conditioner

A gentle shampoo and conditioner can work wonders on your hair. Look out for natural or plant-based ingredients, as they’re a lot gentler on your scalp than synthetic chemicals. Avoid sulfates and parabens to keep your hair from drying out over time. And don’t use it every day.  Use a mild shampoo, like those by Avalon Organics or Burt’s Bees. Be careful with conditioner, don’t use too much of it, and never put it on your scalp.

Use a boar bristle brush

When using a boar bristle brush, make sure you are brushing your hair starting from the ends and working your way to the roots. While brushing, avoid applying too much pressure. If you have naturally oily hair, it can cause an imbalance in oil production if you scrub your scalp with a boar bristle brush. If you don’t have one of these brushes, just avoid brushing wet hair (this is what applies the most pressure to the follicles) by waiting until it’s mostly dry before running the brush through it.

Don’t over-process your hair

Over-processing hair can create a vicious cycle of damage and breakage. Although going to the salon may seem like a treat, it’s really important to prep your hair beforehand. Always use a deep conditioner before getting color or highlights applied, especially if you’re going light. Using one at home on the regular can help strengthen hair too.

Be gentle with your hair when wet

Even if you have healthy hair, it’s still a good idea to follow this tip. When your hair is wet, it’s more susceptible to damage. That’s why you should only use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. You should also avoid rubbing or twisting with a towel when drying your hair. Instead, gently pat or blot your hair dry with a towel and let the rest air dry. If you must blow-dry, set it on low heat and keep it moving around so that one area doesn’t get too hot and damaged. If at all possible though, try not to use heat styling tools like blow dryers or straighteners because they damage your hair.

Use a deep conditioner once a week

To hydrate and nourish your hair, use a deep conditioner once a week. Apply the product to wet hair and then add heat by either placing a hot towel on your head or sitting under the dryer for 10 minutes to allow the product to penetrate. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Products Hair dryers that contain keratin can strengthen your strands and make them less prone to damage.

The best time to apply deep conditioners is after shampooing (preferably with sulfate-free products). When you clarify your scalp, you help remove the buildup that can weigh down your hair, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Then when you apply conditioner, it’ll be able to penetrate more easily into the shaft of your hair without having to compete with other products for space.

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