5 Ways to Get YouTube’s Attention for Your Business

Get YouTube's Attention for Your Business

For business owners looking to make the most of their marketing dollars, YouTube advertising can be a great place to start. Not only is it more affordable than many other campaign types, but it’s also more measurable. You can use it for all type of products. For example, if you have a pre-roll business, you can upload unboxing videos of pre roll display box. It will grab the customer attention your brand. However, not all businesses are going to get the results they’re hoping for on their first try — and if you want your videos to garner views and subscribers, you’ll need a specific strategy in place. Before making your next video, consider these five ways to get YouTube’s attention.

Why Do You Need to Get YouTube’s Attention for Your Business?

Video marketing is considered the most impactful way for businesses to promote their brands and increase sales. So how can you do it better than YouTube? With over a billion users, YouTube has become one of the biggest search engines in existence — which means that if your video ranks highly on this platform, you’re sure to generate more views and drive traffic. Getting YouTube’s attention can be tricky — especially if your videos aren’t raking in the numbers like you’d hoped they would. Here are five things to consider before uploading your next pre-roll business.

1. Is It Engaging?

First and foremost, your video must engage its audience. In order to get people to watch your ad or video, you should create something that will hold their attention long enough. This may mean keeping things short and simple if it is a how-to tutorial or demonstration video. If your video is interesting enough, people should click through just to learn more!

2. Is It Interesting?

Have you ever seen an ad that was so boring that you just wanted to scroll past it? This is the type of video that you want to avoid! Videos that are static or boring won’t catch anyone’s attention, let alone encourage them to watch the ad. If you want people to watch your video and then click on a link to learn more about it, your video needs to be interesting and engaging.

3. Is It Authentic?

Authenticity is one of the most important things you should be looking for when creating pre-roll business ads. Viewers can tell when someone is real with them, so don’t sugarcoat anything to turn people into potential customers. Have you ever seen an ad that was so boring that you just wanted to scroll past it?

How Can You Get YouTube’s Attention?

1. Use relevant keywords

The most successful pre-roll ads are the ones that are targeted more widely. For example, if your business is selling wedding dresses in California, it’s unlikely that people will want to watch a video about meatballs before they hit “Play.” To know what videos will appeal to viewers, think about which keywords best describe your business and use them in your title. It doesn’t have to be anything too specific—just broad enough that people who type in the search query will get your ad.

2. Use Social Proof

If your product or service is new, you might want to consider including social proof in the form of testimonials or expert opinions. This can help viewers feel more confident about trying your product or service since it seems like other people have already had a good experience. Make sure that your video is short, so that people will be more likely to watch it. If it is too long, they might close it out or fast-forward through it. Keep in mind that e-roll ads are non-skippable, so viewers who take action before watching the whole thing may not see your ad.

3. Stand Out with Unique Content

When you advertise on YouTube, your content can be different from the other videos that people are seeing. People want to feel like they are having a unique experience when they watch your videos. So, make sure that your videos look more polished than the ones you post on social media. Also, non-skippable ads make people watch them for a longer time. This means that they are more likely to engage with the ad. If your company sells watches, try making a video about how watches work instead of just showing a wristwatch. Using existing images can seem cheaper, but it does not provide much information to people who do not know anything about watches.

4. Leverage Social Media

The best way to get your videos discovered on YouTube is by leveraging social media. This includes directly sharing your videos on Facebook, tweeting about them using your company Twitter account, and posting them to online communities where your target audience spends time. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer with an e-mail list of dedicated customers, send newsletters every week about the newest look book or specific style featured in upcoming blog posts.

5. Create Creative End Cards

Viewers are more likely to click on video annotations relevant to their interests than those that simply promote your website or another YouTube video. That’s why it’s important to create creative end cards that encourage people to engage with your content beyond clicking on one of the annotation links at the bottom of the video player.

End cards are the images you see at the end of a YouTube video that displays additional information about what was just viewed. They include links to related videos, playlists, your website, social media pages and more. While YouTube is great at promoting these types of annotations on videos within its search algorithm, it’s up to you to encourage viewers to click through. And since studies show that people will engage with content more when they have control over it rather than being forced into action by an annotation below, choose creative ways to get traffic back to your site.

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