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6 Granny Flat Interior Design Ideas Based On Personality Types

Do you want to design your granny flat based on your taste? It’s easy! As long as you know the things you like, then you can spot the most appropriate design. But if you think it’s hard to decorate granny flats especially since they’re small, you’ll just need to maximise the space you have.

Decorating the interior of granny flats is like painting on a blank canvas. Since they’re usually small and plain, you can just design them the way you like. However, before you proceed with designing your granny flat, it’s best if you identify your style before heading to the nearest home depot.


If you need help, here are some of the most popular interior designs based on your personality!

1. Minimalist for the straightforward

Don’t you like drama? If you think less is more, then you must be the type of person who likes the minimalist view. The minimalist interior design is usually composed of simple parts such as built-in storage, sliding doors & windows, and slim furniture.

When it comes to colour palette, you can paint your granny flat with neutral colours. It’s simple, sophisticated, and elegant. You can even say that it’s copied straight out of a hotel room, but with a personal touch. So if you’re a straightforward kind of person, then you should go with the minimalist interior design for your granny flat.

2. Modern for the trendy

If you’re always updated when it comes to home designs, then you should apply what you know in decorating your granny flat. The modern design is somewhat similar to the minimalist design except it’s a broader version.

The modern design includes lighter shades of primary colours and neutrals, while the minimalist focused on white and beige. Furthermore, the modern style focuses on the functionality of the room but also features a few decorations.

For instance, if you add some skylights or simple chandeliers to granny flats, they can act as decor yet lighten the rooms. So when you like mixing function and design, the modern style is for you!

granny flat

3. Rustic for the free-spirited

Do you like the beauty of using raw elements in designing granny flats? This kind of interior design encapsulates the colours of nature which include green, orange, brown, and blue. Moreover, the overall aesthetic shows raw decorations like exposed bricks and woods.

So when you think about a rustic-designed granny flat, you can compare it to a cabin. It has this cosy vibe but is clutter-free at the same time. Isn’t it great to enjoy things without any rules and just have fun with what you have?

Besides, no rule says you should design your place in a “neat” kind of way, so just be yourself and live your life to the fullest!

4. Industrial for the business-minded

Would you like to have a loft-kind of a granny flat? You should check the industrial style, and see if it fits your preference.

It’s easier to achieve the loft-type granny flat if it has a relatively high ceiling. Otherwise, you can just focus on the decorations. However, if the ceiling is high, then you can easily create the ever-popular multi-purpose bed frame.

If you haven’t seen it before, it’s similar to a double-deck bed, but the lower deck doesn’t have a bed. Instead, people use the space as their home office or even an entertainment area. When you’re inside any industrial-designed home, you’ll feel as if you’re in a warehouse and at home, at the same time.

granny flat

5. Traditional for the formal

If you take things seriously most of the time, then it might reflect on what you want. When it comes to the design for your granny flat, you can go with the traditional style. Although the traditional style looks old-fashioned to some people, others see it as an art composed of timeless pieces.

Do you feel as if the traditional style can’t be justified in granny flats? Then, think again! Interior design is all about creating art based on certain styles. So if you try to pick pieces that represent a certain style, then they can work together to form a masterpiece.

6. Bohemian for the quirky one

Are you the type of person who loves vibrant colours and patterns? Do you find it boring when things aren’t as loud as they can be? Well, you might be the quirky one!

As a quirky person, you can try to style your granny flat with bohemian decor. As mentioned, before you can add bright colours, pop-culture-referenced posters, and different patterns. The key to this look is to be messy yet decorative.

So when you opt for the bohemian style, the only rule is that there’s no rule. Even patterns and colours can be mixed even if it’s a bit too much, but there’s also no such thing as too much in this kind of interior design.


Are you excited to get started with decorating your granny flat? At first, you might feel overwhelmed, but things will get fun and enjoyable once you plan your design. Let us know how the interior design of your granny flat looks by leaving a comment below!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Aliana Baraquio currently writes for Cubbit’s Granny Flats Australia, a family-owned-and-operated business that delivers Granny Flats and Home Extensions for customers for over 25 years across NSW and ACT. She also loves interior designing and home makeovers.

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