7 Reasons to Invest in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is part of the Dynamics 365 family of business applications, a modern and adaptable solution that helps end users put their prospects and customers at the center of all marketing activities. Dynamics 365 Marketing has revolutionized how marketing is being done across industries nowadays. Considering all of this, given below are 7 reasons why companies must invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing to make add more impetus to their marketing activities:

7 Reasons to Invest in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Companies get to save time and money:

D365 Marketing allows them to schedule emails and social media posts in advance. It also integrates effortlessly with Office 365, giving to companies the best shot they need to cut down on unnecessary costs. Marketing executives working on this tool know when and to whom the emails must be sent in what tone as the application gives out necessary details in advance to help them prepare well. It also puts them in pole position to strategize the most relevant social media posts. This way, they do not have to spend time on unnecessary follow-up activities or money on sending them free samples on which shipping costs are levied.

Companies get to make the most of Cloud:

The best thing that happens to companies when they start using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is that they get to move to cloud. This increases the reliability factor around the application, as Microsoft is known for investing hundreds of millions every year to improve its cloud infrastructure. Working on cloud also makes it very easy for end users to access the system. In short, the marketing solution presented to end users is secure, extendable, future-proof.

Companies get to empower their marketing employees:

D365 Marketing offers easy to use tools. These simple to use tools help end users deliver powerful marketing campaigns and events. They get to use innovative features to add new dimensions to their marketing campaigns which was only wishful thinking earlier. They get to make their campaigns more animated, lending a personal touch to them.

Companies get to strengthen their relations with customers:

This marketing application masterpiece by Microsoft as part of the Dynamics 365 family of business applications makes personalization possible. This helps organizations make their customers feel more valued. Companies get to drive higher sales because of easy-to-follow customer journeys. They begin to track customer behavior, get to suggest what customers love hearing and enhance their own chances of getting higher conversions.

Companies get to integrate applications and delegate work better:

D365 Marketing makes an integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales possible. This makes collaboration between an organization’s marketing and sales teams easy. The application also makes it possible to track the entire marketing journey from the time the first contact is made to the time the customer makes a transaction (more of a sales activity than marketing).

Companies get better insights on customers and other relevant things:

The application has inbuilt intelligent tools such as Power BI dashboards among others. These tools help monitor all relevant activities at one place. Also, these inbuilt intelligent applications also make it possible to identify something that is unusual and is not going as per plan. Thus, with everything available in front of them, marketing executives have the right idea in mind while writing emailers or showing something to prospective customers and make the ensuing process easy for their sales counterparts.

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Companies get to create a high-performance marketing team:

D365 Marketing makes it highly possible for marketing executives to drive innovation across the organization. They get to focus more on strategy formulation and value-added activities as the application helps automate repetitive tasks, leaving enough time in hand to focus on the more important ones. With such a team in place, marketing initiatives invariably begin to yield good results.

These 7 reasons should be more than enough to convince any organization to have Dynamics 365 for Marketing installed on cloud at the earliest instance.

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