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8 Great Basketball Shooting Drills to Improve Your Game

Many basketball players want to improve their shooting, and rightfully so.

If you can score better, winning games and getting where you want is easier. Practicing your shooting as much as possible is essential. Certain individual shooting drills basketball are better than others at helping you improve your game, so try these eight great basketball shooting drills to help you improve your game.

  1. The Ray Allen Shooting Drill

You can practice this to warm up for shots or to finish your workout.

Five lines are present. Each line has five places available. The approximate distance to the basket for each shot is:

  • 1 Shot – 4ft
  • 2 Shot – 8ft
  • 12ft- Shot 3
  • Shot 4 – 16ft
  • Shot 5 – 20ft

To go on to the next line, you must make a shot from the various spots in five straight attempts. If you miss any spots, you must start afresh in that line.

  1. The Elbow Shooting Drill

This exercise lets you practice going into a shot from both directions while maintaining a balanced, fluid, and consistent shot action.

It places a special emphasis on good footwork. A player in the shooting line just above the top of the key, a rebounder placed close to the basket on the opposite side of the right-side shooting elbow, and two players in the passing line at the right wing, with the free throw line extended and outside the three-point line, should be the starting positions for the drill.

A passer will first have possession of the ball.

The shooter will take a left jab step before cutting to the right elbow. The shooter can take the shot immediately since the passer will give a pass.

  1. The 555 Shooting Drill

Using left-right footwork, shoot towards the chair’s right side five times.

With right-left footwork, shoot five times towards the chair’s left side. You should trade five shots for each footwork. This movement makes your shot motion smooth, which removes hiccups and makes it simpler to shoot farther and with greater accuracy.

  1. The Short-Long Shooting Drill

A few steps behind the 3-point line is where the player starts.

First, the player attempts a 7–10 foot shot (short). Following this shot, the player reverses direction and runs into the next shot from 15 to 20 feet away (long). You should attempt ten shots in total as the player executes the drill in three to seven locations.

  1. The Two-Ball Shooting Drill

With the help of this exercise, the shooter can take many shots in a short period from various locations.

Therefore, three players are required: a shooter, a passer, and a rebounder. With the basketballs, the passer and shooter first enter the game. After the rebounder cuts to an area on the floor, the passer throws a pass to direct the rebounder to another location. Once the gap is established, the shooter shoots the ball.

  1. The Rocker Shooting Drill

You catch the ball and get ready to shoot in this drill.

You then step through and take a single dribble to prepare for the pull-up jump shot. Your dribble is used to cover your ground. Next, you can take a single stride back for a jump shot by dribbling toward the hoop. Finally, you may get away from the opponent and set yourself up for a jump shot by dribbling.

  1. The Fastbreak Shooting Drill

This is one of the best shooting drills for basketball.

It is a great drill for working on your shooting and getting in some cardio. You’ll need two cones and a basketball. Place the cones about 10 feet apart and start at one cone. Sprint to the other cone, then backpedal to the first cone. From here, shoot the ball as you would in a game situation.

Increasing the distance between the cones increases as you get better at the drill.

Next, start at the free throw line and sprint to the other end of the court, stopping at the three-point line to shoot. Make five shots in a row and then sprint back to the other end of the court.

  1. The Drop Step Shooting Drill

You should adopt an aggressive mindset.

First, you want to put the defense under pressure. Lifting your outside hand will provide the passer with a target. This makes it more difficult for the defense to intercept the ball. Next, you want to step with your swing foot (top foot) straight to the front of the hoop as you pivot on your bottom foot.

This turns the defender against you and improves their chances of scoring. Finally, you become faster when you go in straight lines.


Whether attempting a free throw, 3-pointer, or layup, you must practice each shot repeatedly until it becomes second nature. These are the best basketball shooting drills to improve your game while practicing with your team in the gym.

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