It has become mandatory for any medical institution or doctor to be visible in the digital world and increase this visibility. This applies not only to institutions operating internationally but also to local ones. Moreover, now your potential patients do not consult doctors first, but search engines and patient forums. Therefore, your presence in the digital world is a critical factor affecting your success.

At this point, “How do I exist in the digital world?” you may be asking. This is where digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing is a set of strategies that you can use to exist in the digital world. Increase your brand awareness and reach your potential patients.

Institutions usually get their digital marketing service from a digital agency. However, not working with the right digital agency can cause a loss of time and money. This article will talk about eight factors you should consider before choosing the agency you will work for.

Determine the Point You Want to Arrive at the End of the Study

Identifying the objectives, you wish to accomplish before you start working with an agency will make this search more efficient and help you find the right agency. Which of the goals listed below match your goals?

  • I want the number of channels I communicate with my potential and current patients to increase and these channels to develop.
  • I want to reach more potential patients by existing in the digital world.
  • Want my institution to have a quality website and social media accounts.
  • I want to reach potential patients abroad with health tourism.
  • Want my doctors and my institution to become authorities.
  • I want to convey my message to more potential patients by increasing the brand awareness of my institution.

Examples can, of course, be multiplied. Another benefit of target setting is that it gives a very clear answer about which agency is more suitable for you. The work of agencies can be very different from each other. In other words, when you say you are looking for a digital marketing agency, the number of agencies you see is much more than the number of agencies you need. Setting a goal at this point significantly reduces your effort and time.

Consider the Medical Services You Will Need in the Long Term

Considering your current needs and what you may need in the future will help you get more accurate results when evaluating the competencies of the agency you will work with.

Let’s say your expectation from the agency you will work with is to prepare a website for you. The fact that the content on this website is in Turkish is sufficient for you at the moment, but it is among your plans to make health tourism in the future. So at this point, the fact that the agency you will work with can prepare content in different languages ​​for your website will be an advantage for you in the long run.

Thanks to this approach, you add a long-term business partner to your organization instead of just a short-term agency service. One of the biggest advantages of a long-term business partner is that it has a good grasp of your expectations and the way you do business, thus increasing the quality of the services it provides to you.

Work with an Medical Agency That Knows the Health Sector Closely

The healthcare marketing agency has grown significantly in recent years and continues to grow. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest consequences of this is the emergence of great competition in the health sector in terms of marketing. Unfortunately, searching for a “digital agency” while participating in such a competition will not achieve the success you want.

The health sector has its dynamics. It should be an agency that closely follows the dynamics in this sector and constantly updates its services. In this way, you will have the right marketing strategy for your business, achieving the success you desire. Do not waste time and money with institutions that do not know the health sector.

Find out how much the Medical agency you will work with is dominating the sector

Every day, more and more doctors and institutions are stepping into the sector, increasing competition. To stand out from your competitors, look for agencies that know the industry and your competitors well. Your potential patients are wary of all results by searching online. They evaluate both you and your competitors by subjecting them to a detailed search process.

An agency that dominates the industry will follow the changes in the industry, anticipate the challenges, and plan and implement a good strategy that will bring you a standard agency service and sustainable success. Therefore, how much the agency dominates the sector directly affects your success.

Question the Digital Marketing Competencies of the Medical Agency you will work with

A digital marketing process that you will start in the health sector will bring about work on many different subjects. Your strategy for marketing will include a wide range of areas, from video content to SEO, from advertising management to treatment and blog content. It will require detailed studies on these areas.

Choosing a digital agency that offers versatile services will help you get better service with lower results. To ensure this, you should question the digital competencies of the agencies and ask them to tell you about different digital marketing methods and content. Therefore, before meeting with the agencies, it would be beneficial to do a short research on the topics in digital marketing.

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Choose a Smaller Agency For Medical

At first, glance, working with a larger agency with more employees may suggest that you will get better results. However, there is a point you should not forget that with growth, the workload increases, and the interest shown to each customer increases.

A smaller and specialized agency is more likely to develop a strategy based on your needs. On the other hand, large agencies often do not want to change established strategies and methods.

Another advantage of smaller agencies is that they give quick answers to your questions and problems and the increased time allocated. In addition, the people you will talk to about the service you will receive will most likely be the authorized persons of the agency. This is because the service to be provided to you in large agencies is the responsibility of only a small company team.

Work with an Agency That Follows Medical Industry Trends

Both the healthcare and digital marketing sectors are rapidly growing and constantly changing. Therefore, it will be to your advantage if the agency you will work with is an agency that follows the changes in these sectors and draws conclusions from these changes, and takes action.

An agency that constantly renews itself will create a more accurate strategy for you and thus help you get more successful results.

Make Sure Your Medical Agency Delivers Measurable and Evaluable Results

Digital marketing studies generate a lot of data throughout the process. Analyzing and reporting these data and taking actions as a result of these analyzes improves the process and increases success.

The agency you will work with should inform you appropriately throughout the marketing process and share data analysis and results with you in reports. This will inform you and give feedback to the agency you work for. Thanks to these reports, the agency will see its marketing strategies’ mistakes more clearly and take the necessary actions.

For these reasons, inquire how the agency you will work with analyzes the data and how it will report it to you. At this point, we do not recommend working with an agency that cannot give you a clear answer.

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