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A Quick Solution to Save Outlook Email As Text Formats

Postingpall | Want to know how to save Outlook email as text format? And, For keeping oneself upgraded is the latest trend in the modern world especially digitally. In some cases, Operating systems provide much better security and ease our working with its updates. And, users of Windows 7 or the lower versions tend to upgrade their OS to Windows 10.

But, if you are using the Opera Mail application, then switching email clients becomes a necessity here. Why? Because it is not possible to access Opera Mail as the default mail client in Windows 10 OS. It doesn’t even show up in the default mail client programs list. Opera Mail has dropped its integration with the Opera browser after Opera v 15.

So, let us know more about how to save Outlook email as Text file formats. Here are two methods which help you a lot which are: manual method & automated solution. We will briefly discuss these two methods one by one.

But, firstly, let us know the reasons behind it!

What are the Reasons to Export Outlook Email to Text File?

There are several reasons why users need to convert Outlook PST emails to text files. By exporting outlook emails to text files users face many issues like data loss, corruption, virus attack, and so on. But don’t worry check the below-mentioned method to easily convert Outlook PST emails to text files without any error.

Two Techniques to Save Outlook Email As Text Format

There are two methods to export PST to Text file format. The first one will be the Manual method and the second one will be the Automated method through which you will be performed using the software to make your conversion easy. For more details follow the below-mentioned steps by step process for conversion of Outlook PST file into a text file format.

Step 1: Export Outlook Email to Text File Manually

  • Firstly, select the mailbox data that you want to convert Outlook email to Text file from the mail list and then navigate to File >> Save As
  • Now, Select the Text-Only (.*txt) is selected as the Save as type option
  • Enter the name and then click to browse the location to save the file
  • At last click on the Save option to save the emails to a text file.

Disadvantages of the Manual Method

The above manual method to export PST files to Text files which meant to save one Outlook email at a time. But, for the batch converting multiple emails to individual text files, this method is not suitable at all. In that case, you will have to manually move every email one by one which will take a lot of time and tiring methods.

Saving Multiple Emails from Outlook to Text File – Automated Solution

With the above-mentioned limitations of the manual method, users are advised to use the Free Microsoft PST Export Tool to export PST files to Txt files. Therefore, users can easily convert multiple emails from Outlook to Text file format with this software. This tool can simply export the entire data from the Outlook mailbox including emails, tasks, notes, contacts, etc. it also allows users to export Outlook PST to HTML, PDF, EML, MSG, and ICS file format without Outlook installation.

Follow the below steps to make your conversion process easy and quick using software:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine. And, the “Add PST” File.
  2. Now, Click on the emails to load on Preview Panel
  3. There are nine options to Export PST
  4. Finally, click on the Export Button for the conversion process.

Below are some advanced features & benefits to saving Outlook email as text format easily.

Advanced Features & Benefits of the Software

  • It allows you to convert single or multiple Outlook PST files with just one click.
  • The conversion utility allows you to apply data filters to export the selected data.
  • This utility can scan the PST data and generate an instant preview of the data.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that resembles the Outlook interface.
  • This tool can process even corrupted PST files without any error.
  • Therefore, it supports both UNICODE and ANSI PST files of any size that can be converted into text format.

Author Suggestion

In this post, you get a solution to save Outlook email as text format using two methods which are manual as well automated solutions. As our experts recommended you use automated software to convert multiple Outlook emails into text files. And, save your time & efforts to process the task in an easy & quick manner that is completely risk-free.

Also, if you want to perform the manual method to process the task. Then, it is an easy but complex way to save multiple Outlook emails into Text format. It is also risky, lengthy, and time-consuming, for non-technical users. So, choose which one is better for you for easy conversion.

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