Advantages Of DeFi Development Services

Since its inception a few years ago, decentralized finance has exceeded all expectations and made it possible for market mechanisms to achieve “full decentralization.” As a result, it has given institutions and investors additional opportunities to make money. To put it simply, DeFi is a catch-all phrase. This industry consists of a wide range of blockchain-based financial applications. It is significant to note that the TVL (Total Value Locked) in DeFi climbed from USD 4 to USD 44 billion. Learn more about DeFi and its impacts by clicking here.

Without Permission Setup

The main advantage of the DeFi is that it gives unbanked people access to banking. By exploiting the potential for decentralization offered by blockchain technology, the DeFi applications seek to democratize banking and finance. This will guarantee that everyone has fair access to financial services like borrowing, lending, insurance, and more.

More than 90% of DeFi apps are currently powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. Through these applications, traditional financial services principles are being introduced to the blockchain. However, by utilizing Ethereum’s smart contract technology, they are displacing the middlemen and establishing a permissionless financial system.

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Open Financial Industry

The traditional financial sector is rife with scams. These are either made up by the platform owners or the middlemen. DeFi’s blockchain technology allowed for the construction of a highly transparent financial system. Due to blockchain’s immutability, which forbids data from being changed even after the ledger is made public, this is possible.

As a result, users of DeFi platforms can gain from complete transparency and protect themselves from any financial fraud or loss. A DeFi development company implements smart contract audits to prevent hacks.

Using instances from the DeFi financial services sector.

DeFi has shown that it is capable of changing the way that the financial markets are now organized and run. The following are some potential uses for DeFi:

P2P Lending And Borrowing

The traditional P2P lending sector has various challenges. While intermediaries drive up operating costs, infrastructure slows down the process. DeFi promises that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible, and they already have in some cases. The DeFi applications automate the entire financing process by replacing intermediaries with smart contracts.

As a result, P2P lending turns into a successful and useful process. Anyone can register on these platforms as a lender or borrower. The lender gets paid an interest rate based on how much he contributes to the liquidity pool.

Alternative Career Options

The growing use of DeFi lending platforms has given industry players additional revenue streams. Utilizing various strategies, such as yield farming and others, users can boost their interest returns.


Stablecoins play a significant role in the DeFi ecosystem. Due to the stable values and qualities of cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are used for remittance, lending, and borrowing in the DeFi apps. Stablecoin development is consequently receiving a lot of focus during the DeFi development phase.

Market for Data and Energy

The peer-to-peer energy trading business is rapidly growing. Unexpectedly, it needs a DeFi-like infrastructure to support its growth.


It looks that the DeFi sector will suffer a parabolic rise in 2021, given the enormous expansion DeFi achieved in 2020.

At Suffescom Solutions, we have high hopes for the development of DeFi. As a provider of DeFi development services, we are thrilled to offer cutting-edge DeFi solutions. Let’s talk on the phone about how we can help you succeed in the DeFi sector.

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