Become a oversease recuruitment partner with University Bureau

University Bureau is an overseas AI-enabled recruitment platform.  The all-in-one platform connects students, recruiters and academic institutions under one roof.

There are chances that students face difficult to submit applications. By using our platform, and with the guidance of recruiters, students can get to know the step by step procedure of submitting an application successfully.

By connecting with us, Recruiters may get a chance to earn upto 100% commission. Platform make possible for recruiters to access more the 1500 institutions  and 100,000 students in significant and rising source markets. With our advance filtering tool, recruiter can get the best possible course for the student based on its requirement.

Recruiters may use University Bureau portal to keep students engaged and get the most up-to-date information of colleges worldwide. To keep track of all your leads and confirmed students, the platform works excellent as a student CRM. We provide an online recruiting platform for students and institutions and help 24×7 locally or globally by using our online support system.

Working with us allows you to submit your application in three hours and utilize a single form to apply to several colleges with the highest success rate. To improve your chances of being accepted into the universities, you may receive immediate updates from our worldwide admission specialists based on your application. Even our visa officers can assist students in preparing the documents to get successful visa acceptance.

By becoming our recruitment partner, you will get:

  • Best Commission

Get up to 100% of a university’s commission for successful student placement as quickly as feasible.

  • Get Rewards

With access to incentives given by universities for putting students with them, earn bonuses and enhance your earnings.

  • Top Institutes

You may access an extensive inventory of 50,000+ programs and offer top programs at top institutes by employing advanced filters.

Benefits you can offer to students on behalf of the university bureau

  • Easily view scholarships

Provide exposure to your students about the scholarships available at the university, including exclusive scholarships.

  • Institution list growing daily

We’re constantly collaborating with new universities to our bucket.

  • Recruit for every student need

Course Search allows you to search for universities, high schools, and route programs.

  • Search for courses in one click

With the press of a mouse, you may access over 70,000 courses.

  • Match your students with eligible options

With our intelligent Course Search, you can quickly identify individualized course alternatives for your student.

Connecting with the university bureau will give you support and guidance to focus on your students 24×7. Our Customer Relationship Officers and Regional Managers will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team organizes training sessions regularly to keep you updated about the university admission requirements.

We’re working behind the scenes with you at every stage to guarantee that every application is flawless and selected.

We have professional employees that know about admissions and will lead you from application to commission to visa under one platform, as trusted by 5,000+ recruiters globally.

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