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Best Artificial Intelligence India Startup


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of digital development related to computer systems adapting and learning to solve problems. It essentially mimics the characteristics of human behaviour and actions. It is also extensible to machines that exhibit the human trait of problem-solving and finding solutions. Ideally, the aspect of artificial intelligence is the capacity to rationalize and act to achieve a particular target. 

One of the well-known subsets of AI is Machine Learning (ML) which is related to the automatic learning and adaptation of new data without human assistance. When the learning procedure activates the absorption of critical unstructured data such as text, images, or video, the concept of Deep Learning is born. Different applications of artificial intelligence are in circulation nowadays like self-driving cars, programs that alert financial houses about potential frauds, and many more. Several new companies have come into being; however, to know about Best Artificial Intelligence India Startup – we have to see a bit more.

The companies to look for 

India has been one of the primary contenders for AI entrepreneurial efforts in recent years. The government also supports them by providing funds amounting to millions of dollars. The start-ups are working to develop new goods and services to increase productivity and revenue in the native market. There are quite a few names for the Best AI Startup in the country – some of them are mentioned below:

  • Nayan.Co

NAYAN visual AI monitors and identifies real-time road events. We support businesses and authorities by offering actionable insights on visual events, to make the world a safer place.

  • Wysa 

This start-up has already become quite recognized in India; that focuses on helping people in self-management of stress by using AI-guided listening and 24/7 specialized experts. Their product is Wysa, an AI-powered chatbot providing high-grade mental health support by applying the most effective evidence-based Cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT). 

  • Avaamo

This conversational AI platform has been dubbed one of the most innovative Indian AI entrepreneurs in 2022. It provides speedy and personalized help to healthcare patients and clients in the banking, education, insurance, and education sectors with Voice demo-patient scheduling. Avaamo essentially builds virtual assistants for any business. It also offers several other processes like contact centre AI, cognitive search, intelligent virtual assistants, conversational AI platform, voice AI, and security and compliance. 


One of the leading AI companies and contender for the Best AI Startup in India – provides the world’s leading CX platform for consumer-centric companies. It creates on-demand consumer experiences at scale by effectively merging human intelligence and artificial intelligence. offers diverse venues like bot studio, agent-assist dashboard, proprietary NLP, and campaign management. It also provides customer support, customer engagement, HR, ITSM, and conversational commerce automation. It enriches the total customer lifecycle automation by building, automating, interacting, reacting, producing insights, and deploying.   

Final words

AI, ML, and DL – all have a bright future in India, and companies with innovative and unique business perspectives are slowly capturing the market. However, with integrated AI solutions for businesses, is definitely the Best Artificial Intelligence India Startup in future environments. 


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