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Best Five Websites for Online Tutoring

Trying to figure out the best tutorials online out of the thousands available can be very difficult, that why today we would be looking at websites for online tutoring. 

You want something that meets your educational needs, is affordable and user-friendly, but how do you know it? 

websites for online tutoring

We’ve picked out the best websites for you if you’d like to engage in an online course study that improves your academic performance. Below are the websites:


Chegg is rated first for online tutorials for both adults and children, and it’s the first on the list of websites for online tutoring.

94% of students who use Chegg have recorded a better performance in their coursework. 

They offer 24 hours help to all registered students.

  • Chegg have a digital library where students can access materials whenever needed.
  • Offers 24/7 services and students get answers to questions posted on the platform in at least 30 minutes, depending on the subject.
  • Video solutions are offered to solve difficult questions
  • The paid subscription for a month is $14.95 with different packages like the math solver, which costs $9.95 monthly, Chegg writing for  $9.95 per month, etc. is the most expensive of the listed websites. It offers tutorials for over 40 subjects, including Mathematics, English, Foreign language, and science. 

  • The subscription price for one hour a month  is $39.99 
  • Students have to specify the specific subjects they need help with to help them get a suitable mentor
  • is not for students who need special tutoring because the number of hours might not be enough to learn much. It is for students who need little help with their courses.
  • They have an app for students and tutors can connect better
  • They also offer 24/7 access 
  • Apart from chatting with the tutor, files are sent and lessons can be recorded and viewed later. There are also whiteboard discussions.

This is a free online site where you can have access to pay only if you want to. It deserves a a spot on the websites for online tutoring list. 

They offer services through an online classroom open-sourced by seeks to provide exceptional tutors to students who do not have opportunities.

They have a 15.8% increase in the test scores of their students. 

  • As opposed to all other sites, the tutorial is free. 
  • However, sections are provided for parents to fill in the form for the student. This is to determine the family’s average income and students can be charged in proportion to the income.
  • The price is negotiable
  • Maths, Sciences are Language arts are tutored from 9 am to 9 pm, Pacific time. is a website that offers language tutorials.

websites for online tutoring

Users don’t have to bother about not speaking fluently anymore;  can easily register on reply and connect with any tutor across 185 countries available. 

  • You get to choose your tutor. After choosing the language you’ll love to learn, users are connected with several tutors from which you can choose.
  • You can change your tutor if you’re not satisfied with the first lesson.
  • Unlike other programs, you are allowed to set your convenient learning time. You can learn without disrupting your schedule.
  • You can reschedule your lessons if you aren’t able to attend the class. This is to be done nothing 

less than  4 hours before the lesson takes place.


Skooli is an online program that offers guidance in various subjects, including mathematics, history, engineering, etc.

They tutor students in kindergarten to those in college. They aim to offer a one-on-one relationship between tutors and students through digital classrooms. 

  • Recorded classes are also offered on to enable students access to further understanding.
  • The classes are face-to-face. This enhances a better relationship between the tutor and student. It also improves trust.
  • You can pay as you learn. The time determines how much fees are to be paid. The cost is $0.83 per minute. 


An edtech platform that provides instant out-of-the classroom support, Klasshour connects tutors with students at all levels across different subjects and courses. You pay as you learn and there are webinars to put you through the platform. 


Even if you have a busy schedule, you can learn with online tutorials at your convenience.

I hope you enjoyed my post on websites for online tutoring?

You have the freedom to choose your schedule. The websites above have been proven to be best suited for any form of learning and tutoring.

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