Best laptop for Solidworks

Best laptops for Solidworks are those that support Solidwork’s program. And, only heavy-duty systems support Solidworks.

So, if you already have a laptop and still struggling with performance, you need to change it. Because such laptops are not supported for Solidworks’ program. However, before we see what is the best laptop for Solidworks? Let’s see what Solidwork is?


What is Solidworks?


Solidworks is a computer-aided engineering program. This program is used for developing mechatronic systems from the start to the end. And, this software is mainly for mechatronics purposes.

What are the best laptops for Solidworks?

However, there are more than 10 laptops that are good for Solidwork software. But, they will keep getting costly too. So, to avoid a very lengthy discussion, I picked the three of them. And, they may suit your budget as well. Because these following are the best 1500 dollars going laptops.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad P15S
  • RazerBlade 15
  • HP Omen

These are my top picks from the list of best gaming laptops for 2021. But, your choice may vary from mine. Now, let’s get into the details of these laptops.

Racer blade 15 best laptop for Solidworks


Racer blade 15 best laptop for Solidworks
Racer blade 15 best laptop for Solidworks

Racer blade 15 is still one of the best calling laptops. And, this laptop is the biggest supporter of Solid work’s performance. And, the reason is the improved hardware every time. Now, Razerblade is highly competitive due to its improved design. Also, the same goes for the hardware as well. This time, you will get an 11th generation processor along with NVIDIA Ampere.


This laptop is full of the latest hardware components. However, the system is 0.67 inches thick in all. And, the system weighs 4.4lbs in all. However, you don’t get much from the design. It is the same as the previous one. However, this is not a complaint. The only complaint is the little flex and portability issues.


The display is 4K OLED with 313 nits of brightness. The display screen is 15 inches wide with narrow bezels. The CPU is 8 cores and i9-11900H. The speed and performance are excellent.

So, it is supportive of Solidworks. And, it is also the best laptop for the league of legends. The graphics are also NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3080 that are high performing. The games can run flawlessly on this Razorblade laptop.


The RAM is 32GB DDR4, so you can enjoy gaming on it. It can handle a lot of your gaming media. And, 1TB SSD is way more than enough for gaming. You can also choose it as the best laptop for a counterstrike. The FHD camera and audio quality are also excellent. However, the battery runs for 4 hours only. So, this may fall back. Let’s see the next pick if you can’t compromise here.


Lenovo Thinkpad P15S for Solidworks



The matte black finish of the laptop comes with a heavyweight here. This Thinkpad system weighs 6.2 pounds. So, if you ever fear missing the laptop, you can’t. The heavyweight will not let you forget about the laptop. Now, the system has all matte black body. And, on the top of the lid, the Lenovo logo is in silver color.


The heating problem in this laptop is dealt with rubber strips as vents. These events are on the front and at the back of the laptop. The laptop has a full-sized keyboard with a full number pad. And, the trackpad also has 3 buttons altogether.


The system comes with 2 ports in all. However, these ports are still worth using.  Now, let’s start with the display. The display screen is 15.6 inches with 1920×1080 pixels. And, the system comes with well-spaced keys with enough travel. And, these keys are responsive and clicky.


Now, the audio quality is nothing you can put on a pedestal. That’s because you will feel devastated with the zero basses in the audio. No matter whatever the song or audio is, you can’t enjoy it. The RAM is 32GB same as the previously discussed system.


The graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX A5000 that will support your game. The processor is a 11950H i7 processor, and so is heavy-duty.

The battery life is 10 hours 40 minutes so you can use the system back to back. This is indeed the ideal battery timing for any gamer. And, if you are a worker, this is the best laptop for solid work.


HP Omen for solid works


HP Omen for solid works
HP Omen for solid works


HP Omen is on the list for being one of the slimmest laptops for Solidworks. Now, the design hasn’t changed a lot, but the compatibility is indeed requiring discussion. The matte aluminum body has a compressed keyboard. However, the keyboard doesn’t have a number pad.


And, this lightweight laptop is what you can get for under $2000. Now, the laptop flexes a little bit from the screen. And, however, the hinges are strong build, you still feel the wobble. This is the first flaw to notice.


Also, even though the laptop is among the slim series, it is still lacking. The system weighs 2.46kgs, while others are lighter. Now, you can even get a gaming laptop for under 600 or 800 dollars. So, there is no sense in buying a heavy system with a flex screen. And, the system has 15.6 inches display with 2460×1400 resolution.


The display is, however, good. But, let’s compare it with the above systems. The storage you get is 512GB SSD only. However, the system mentioned above gives 1TB storage. And, you get 16GB RAM. Here again, Razorblade and Ideapad win.

However, the AMD Ryzen 7800H processor and RTX 3070 graphics are worth it. So, we are not talking about a gaming laptop under 500$. This system costs you thousands of dollars. And, you get so many flaws for that. So, let’s conclude what we got?




After comparing the three best laptops, we found Ideapad P15S to be prominent. Not only for Solidworks, but it’s the best laptop for the world of warcraft as well. So, spend money in the right place!

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Does Solidwork run on your laptop?

Yes, Solidwork can efficiently run on a higher gaming laptop. And, if you are looking for one, check out Lenovo Ideapad P15S.

Which gaming system is the best for Solidworks?

Lenovo Ideapad P15 is what we mostly recommend as editors. This system has the most reviews for 32GB RAM and 3070 graphics. Also, the system is durable so you can use your Solidworks program easily.

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