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Best of Heritage Park and Cultural Center

Heritage Park and Cultural Center is an educational and cultural institution that preserves the history of Fort Walton Beach from 14000 B.C through the 1950’s.It is considered as the most historical place as it saves the long history of the city.It append four museums;Walton Schoolhouse Museum, Fort Walton Temple Mount Garner Post office Museum, Civil War Exhibit building and Indian Temple Mound Museum.Navarre Beach Marine Park offers you a marvelous experience to watch and explore the aqua life.

People belonging to all age groups tend to reach over here to extol these natural beauties. It is known as the best beach in Santa Rosa Island in Florida. There are very few hotels near the beach but the good news is that they are not very expensive. The best time to visit the beach is from May to October when the season is warm. The park has Marine Science Center, Snorkel Park, Park Cabins and Beach Coral Reef.


Dustin is well known for its Gulf of Mexico, Destin Harbor Boardwalk and many Gulf courses. Destin’s coastline is stippled with oak and pine trees sheltering wildlife. If you are a beach walker or enjoys to make sand castle with your kids, Destin may be your next best Fast Travel vacation destination.

Sandy soft beaches, crystal clear green water and fine beaches are waiting for you in Destin.The city is famous as “the world luckiest fishing village” as it has the largest fishing vessel fleet in Florida State.There are numerous attractions in Destination allures the tourist towards it. The very first thing to do when you are herein Destinis to visit the dolphin watch and Destin history cruise.

This dolphin cruise runs daily. It endeavors you to a one and half hours narrated cruise to see dolphins and marine life through the glass bottom of the boat. So, It also has top deck observation so you can enjoy open sea air. It considered the best for families with young kids. The cruise also features air conditioner and heated cabin, restrooms and snack bars.There is nothing more adventurous than the parasailing.

Para sating Adventure

The parasailing adventure in Destiny gives you the opportunity to see Destin,in a whole new light. You can fly up to the height of 500 feet with three passengers at a time.So, It is an exotic activity for families and children. Imagine that you are flying in air and view down the sea turtles or dolphins. This place definitely makes your unforgettable memory.Henderson State Beach Park is another attraction of Destin. With pristine white sugar sand and emerald green water this beach is an eye-catching place.

Park has several fun things to do with some good facilities. It is a pet friendly place with a nature trail and has a wheel chair facility. The park has heated and cool shower station. You can do camping, Geo-seeking, picnic pavilion, swimming, playground, fishing, bicycling, and hiking and campfire circles. There is also a facility for wedding functions.

What else you want to spend a perfect day with your family?

Gulf Island National Seashore in the Gulf of Mexico is a place where millions of visitors came to allure white sandy beaches;fertile coastal marshes and aquamarine bluish green sparingly water.Beaches here are like Ivory soap because of thousand years of erosion of Appalachian Mountains and vestige of rivers and streams.

Some says the beach is talking or speaking when you walk barefoot you can hear sounds like a creak and feels the sand talk back to you.It offers you twelve different areas to look and admire.You can do camping,snorkeling, biking, wildlife viewing, ranger led programs, boat ride and fishing or take a tour of an old fort. You can see emissary tortoise, more than 300 bird species and bottle nose dolphins.

The island stretches eastward 160miles from Cat island Mississippi to the Okaloosa area of Fort Walton Beach Florida.Fort Pickens is another historic captivation of the city and it is the largest bricks Fort in United States. Fort Pickens, Fort McRee, Fort Barrancas and Advanced Redoubt now lie within the Gulf Island National Seashore.

Peaceful Surroundings

With the most peaceful surroundings, clutters of Golden sea oats, white sugar sandy beach and tranquilizing sound of coastal waves attracts the tourist.Fort has long list of activities to do for tourists. Beach access, biking, birding, boating, campfire rings, cultural activities, educational programs, fishing pier, hiking, historic sites, picnic shelter, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. As far as facilities are concern it provides you dump station, drinking water, flush toilets, gift shops, lifeguards, showers and parking areas.For history and sea lovers,

Destin history and Fishing Museum is a place where you can get intimation of life before the arrival of electricity in 1930’s in Destin or you can see a 100 feet of wall space showing the Gulf floor.Fishing was an important part of Destin history.The museum depicts an era to viewers from the time when seine nets used to the modern rods and reels of fishing.

It also shows the primeval fishing boat “The Primrose” which was built back in displays antique accouterments and more than 75 fish mounts that was caught in gulf water of Destin.You can also visit the building of original Destin post office contiguous to the museum. Museum also has an ample collection of photographs of early Destin,


Beach scenes, Boat captains with their boats and business.Grafton Beach State Park ranked as the most enchanting and pristine beaches in United State and most eminent park in Florida.The beach is a perfect place to ante up your day as it idyllic sets for swimming, fishing and sun bathing.

It is notorious for its golden sunrises and silver moonlight evenings. 200 acres park offers variety of activities to tourists like bicycling, boat ramp, camping, fishing, hiking/ nature trail, birding, parking, swimming, wildlife viewing, kayaking and canoeing. It is a pet friendly hamlet and has adroitness of accessible amenities and rest rooms.

To confer a utopian day with your kids, Big Kahunas is probably the best choice you have. It is the only water park in Destin for over 25 years. The big shanghais basically a water themed park with over 40 different thrilling and exciting rides.It is not wrong if we say it has something for every family member.Hammerhead, Bungalow Racer, Bombs Away Bay, Thunder River, Monkey River, Tiki River Run, Cobra Twister, Honolulu Half pipe, Juman ji, Maui Pipeline Slides, the River Run and the Kids Slide are surely the rides where everyone get wets.

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