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MailChimp Integration

Mailchimp software is the bedrock of the Marketing business. And SuiteCRM is an unrivaled CRM software to manage customer Information and Interaction. We integrated both to improve your email marketing task and presented SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration (Premium) product for businesses of all sizes. This article is all about Mailchimp SuiteCRM Plugin with its ultimate functionalities.

Introduction to MailChimp Software

Before going to dive into the extension, we should be crystal clear about “What is Mailchimp software”. A specialized email and online marketing tool that can drive more revenue and gives you the most promising customers for a lifelong. Get email newsletter sharing service from this top-most marketing tool. Plus it is exceptional for the functionality of Automation. Not only is it time-saving but also keeps some mundane tasks away from businesses. 

Why is it important to integrate Mailchimp with SuiteCRM?

Research says those who use both platforms are facing some challenges. Yes, challenges like they used to share email campaigns from the Mailchimp software and manage the customer data in SuiteCRM. This switching tabs at the same time is a time-consuming method. To outgrow your business, you must be well aware of top-notch extensions that are ruling in the CRM Industry. These plugins not only keep you away from this mundane task but also provide splendid advantages. 

Even one of our clients faced the same issue. He was keeping the priority work aside and always kept himself busy updating customer data one by one after sharing a newsletter. We introduced SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration (Premium) to his company. The product now alleviates the problem and eliminates every single burden. Whatever platform he chooses to share the email campaign, the second platform gets updated automatically. Suppose you choose Mailchimp for customer updating. SuiteCRM automatically gets updated in real-time. No business will feel like every task is time taking. 

Facilities you will get

  • The Extension is available for unlimited users
  • You will get the Lifetime support
  • And most important, the add-on is compatible with every SuiteCRM version
How many functionalities does the plugin provide?

We are going to drill down a list of complete features of the Mailchimp SuiteCRM Integration extension. Have a look-

  • The first and most significant one to know is Real-time bi-directional synchronization. Choose any platform to complete your task. The second platform gets updated in real-time with no error and no delay. Save yourself a significant amount of time rather than putting in more effort. 
  • In this product lite version, you are restricted to one Mailchimp account sync. But if you want to sync various Mailchimp accounts then use the premium version we are talking about in this article. Integrate with tons of Mailchimp accounts separately. Also, with the use of this SuiteCRM software product, you can sync custom MailChimp fields. 
  • How important is it for you to know the insights of the Email newsletter that you shared with the audience? If it is vital then you landed in the right place. This add-on enables your business to know the Email usage statistics. What’s the bonus? You can make decisions according to that and can bring changes for the next time if required. The add-on will share the actionable insights such as Sent, Bounced, Clicked, Unsubscribed, and the list goes on. One of the most crucial features to know! 
  • Another astonishing functionality is it never creates any Duplicate records for your company. Before making, our extension will first scan properly so that no duplicacy of records will happen to confuse your business team. Suppose if this product finds the same record. It will update the details in the existing one rather than making the new one. 
  • SuiteCRM Mailchimp Integration (Premium) aids in assigning a Mailchimp account to the right user. You are free to choose any module for this purpose. Use our product to sync target lists, tags, custom MailChimp fields, contacts, accounts, records from Leads, etc. Much easier to run a business effortlessly. We are also providing a “Subscriber Dashboard”. You can check vital metrics of email campaigns such as Mailchimp ID, Web ID, Record module and ID, and much more. 


A great Product always plays a role of fuel that keeps every CRM business running. Today we introduced the SuiteCRM Mailchimp extension that enables you to make your marketing smarter and turn it better. Its unmatched functionalities help in making your complex task easier. Shop now to streamline your Marketing business work


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