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Best Tips to Export Zimbra Contacts into Outlook PST Format

Postingpall | Several users are still suffering to know the solution to export Zimbra Contacts to Outlook PST format. But, they can’t get any reliable solution for it. Today, in this write-up we will discuss all the possible solutions to complete this task without facing any trouble.

As Zimbra webmail client is a game-change utility that offers the best interfaces for connecting end-users to exchange information. Just like Outlook Owa, the Zimbra web client also provides powerful features. However, it wouldn’t be right to differentiate the Outlook and Zimbra properties. Outlook is a versatile email client in terms of services and customer support.

Whatever the reason to migrate Zimbra contacts to Outlook PST, in this post we will cover all the easiest methods to export Zimbra Contacts into Outlook PST format which helps you to add contacts in a hassle freeway. So, without much ado let’s dive right into it.

Now, let’s move towards the solutions for exporting Zimbra contacts to Outlook PST format with attachments. So, there are two methods to complete this task in an easy & simple manner. Which are manual methods and automated professional solutions (Experts Recommended).

Free Method to Migrate Contacts From Zimbra to Outlook

To export Zimbra contacts to Outlook users need to export the TGZ file from Zimbra. Following the below-mentioned steps will let you extract contacts from Zimbra easily.

  • Firstly, Open your browser and log in with your Zimbra account.
  • Then, move to the Navigation panel >> Preferences
  • And, click on the Import/Export option in the Navigation list
  • From the Export panel selected the Contacts Option
  • After performing all the steps click on the Export button
  • The Zimbra TGZ file will be downloaded and Extracted.

After performing the manual method, users still are not getting any reliable solution for their task. Because manually it is not capable to migrate multiple contacts from Zimbra to Outlook. Also, it takes too much time and effort to export Zimbra contacts to Outlook. But, don’t need to worry, we suggest an automated professional solution to fulfill all your requirements related to the same. Let’s begin!

Migrating Multiple Zimbra Contacts to Outlook – Automated Solution

Once you successfully exported your Zimbra contacts. The next step is to convert the contacts files to vCard. This process can be a nightmare for users, but don’t lose heart. We got you covered with the automated solution i.e, TGZ to PST Converter Tool.

Moreover, this tool ensures safe and secure contact conversion to vCard. Although one can access the utility interface, as it doesn’t require any technical skills to run this tool It also allows exporting Zimbra emails along with Attachments, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks. If you are still in confusion then you can download the free version of this utility and enjoy the benefits of the demo versions. Let us check the working of this automated solution.

Working Process Explained For the Tool

Follow the working process to batch export Zimbra contacts to Outlook PST format along with attachments using the tool. Go step by step don’t miss a single point to complete your process otherwise, you have to start the process from the beginning:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, Add TGZ File or Folder TGZ to PST
  3. You can Preview Zimbra TGZ File All Items in the tool panel
  4. Finally hit the Export button to start TGZ to PST conversion.

So, this is a complete and successful automated solution for exporting multiple Zimbra contacts into Outlook PST format without losing any data. And, is also capable for technical and non-technical users to make your conversion easy & quick without installing any other application.

Sticking Points to Migrate Contacts From Zimbra to Outlook

Using manual methods as well as automated software we have completed the task to export Zimbra contacts to Outlook PST format. These two methods are easy to use for technical and non-technical users. But manually users are necessary to have the technical skills to perform the task. Which takes a lot of user time & effort to complete their process. So, we have another automated software that is easy & simple for every user. There is no need to have technical knowledge of the procedure. This tool is a risk-free solution for all users. Now, it’s up to you which one is better for you and your task.

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