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Can I Consult an Orthotist-prosthetist without a Medical Prescription?

Absolutely. Anyone can consult a doctor, without medicine. The doctor has important expertise to issue recommendations to his patients, relating to the medical parameters noted during a short evaluation.

The is a professional who has the skills to assess the best of the body and to recommend, manufacture or adjust all types of orthopedic devices such as orthoses and doctors.

His abilities can be added up as follows*:

  • Explain medical notes as per the established recommendations.
  • Greet the patient and perform a complete medical assessment to detect any orthotic problems.
  • Establish the client’s orthotic needs.
  • Take measurements of the limb to be installed if required.
  • Set down a therapy plan in agreement with the customer at any rehab centers near me.
  • Ensure performance follow-ups to determine the of the treatment and make the important adjustments.
  • Educate the customer about the device, its maintenance, warranty, and use.

Is there a difference between doctor?

The doctor represents one and the same profession. However, there is indeed a difference in the two practices that this professional can perform. To better distinguish these same practices, to understand what are, more specifically, orthoses turns out to be essential.

  • The orthosis aims to support, help, or immobilize a limb, to control or correct a joint or functional problem. It may be Plantar orthoses, of knee braces or wrist or ankle braces.
  • The surgeon, for its part, is an orthopedic device specially designed to replace a limb, in a complete or partial way. These may be lower or upper limb or breast plants

consultation with an orthopedist?

They offer these two techniques and cover a clear range of health and service requirements. Although no prescription is required to discuss with the right doctor, they can recommend services or products only if they have a health prescription.

Moreover, be sure to consult a pro member of Pro Technologists of West Virginia. This factor allows you to protect yourself, but also to protect the you consult!

When should I consider a consultation with an orthopedist?

Some reasons for discussion might be relevant to a consultation. Some examples of daily pain or plantar pathologies where the evaluation is often the first step towards a life in motion, without pain:

  • Deformities (feet, knees, toes, lower limbs)
  • Onions on the feet.
  • Flat feet
  • not sensation resembling that of a pebble in your shoe
  • Pain or discomfort in the lower limbs
  • Painful first walking steps after a period of inactivity
  • Burning consciousness in the hips, toes, knees, or feet
  • Regular and sudden numbness in the foot

Clean Clear Advantage Recovery allows the complete and comparative analysis of foot structure, ground pressure points and biomechanical alignments. The distribution of the center of gravity in a static or walking position is then identified. Imaging paints a picture of foot structure and pressure levels that can affect performance and comfort.

When the evaluation is finished, two situations are possible:

  • Medical prescription: depending on the pathology observed, the doctor recommends the product, custom-made or prefabricated, best suited to the needs of your treatment plan.
  • No medical prescription: the doctor lets you have the clear report of your assessment and can, if required, refer it for consultation with the proper health expert(doctor, etc.).

If the treatment plan at alcohol rehab near me recommends the wearing  any kind, molding and measurement is done in preparation for the laboratory design of your custom items

When should I consider a consultation with a doctor

The bone specializes in the manufacture of many things. This need is rarer and more specific than those surrounding the need for orthotics.

Since this tends to replace a limb partially or completely, his patient consults him following a medical prescription, as part of a treatment, for example.

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