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Can Invisalign Correct An Overbite?

Can Invisalign correct an overbite?  It is one of the inquiries that we are ask the most often by our patients. Because overbites are one of the most frequent dental problems, this should not come as a surprise. The condition known as an overbite occurs when a person’s top teeth overlap their lower teeth. When it comes to dental health, a minor overbite isn’t a big deal, but an extreme case of the condition might lead to complications. The good news is that orthodontic treatment can correct an overbite if you currently have one.

What Exactly Is An Overbite?

What specifically distinguishes a straightforward overbite from an excessively deep bite is its level of depth. Let’s have a look at some statistics provided by the British Dental Association to help us answer that question. According to the British Dental Association’s estimations, up to 70 per cent of dental disorders in children are caused by overbites. When the jaw is closed in its natural position, an overbite is considered to be “normal” if there are less than 3 millimetres of the gap between the upper and lower teeth. An overbite that requires treatment has a gap between the teeth that ranges between 3 and 5 millimetres. More than 5 millimetres of space is present in a deep bite.

The question now is, what causes an overbite or a deep bite? Many variables include but are not limited to having a tiny lower jaw, sucking the thumb or using a pacifier until or beyond the age of 3, etc. When they are young, some children develop the habit of pressing the tip of their tongue on the inside of their teeth. These habits may also have an effect on the development of the teeth and jaw, and they can exacerbate an overbite.

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Is An Overbite Really So Problematic?

To be fair, that is possible. Because of the way our teeth fit together, we can chew our food more effectively. The teeth may become misaligned as a result of an overbite, which can make it difficult to eat without the teeth. Rubbing or pressing against each other. Because of this friction, the enamel on your teeth may wear away much more quickly, which can eventually lead to cavities and even the loss of teeth. The misalignment may also create discomfort in the jaw, which can make eating more difficult, particularly for more solid meals and inconsistency. The development of long-term issues with one’s nutrition and general health due to an overbite is possible.

How To Correct An Overbite Using Invisalign?

The first step in the Invisalign in Cardiff is three-dimensional imaging using an iTero Element scanner. It takes 6,000 photos per second to get an accurate representation of how your upper and lower teeth are arranged in your mouth. After that, the mapping programme can compute the amount of power required to straighten your teeth, move your bottom teeth forward, and fix anything else that may need to be correct.

Your aligner routine will consist of a set of aligners that progressively resemble the form of your teeth after they have been move by the aligners. These are designed to be worn for 22 hours straight each day; however, you are allowed to remove them to eat and clean your teeth. You will need to switch out your aligners once every week to two until you reach your final destination.

Your treatment plan may also involve the use of SmartForce attachments. These attachments enhance the capacity of your aligners to correct your overbite and other abnormalities by applying a greater amount of force in a targeted manner. Adolescents and preteens may need the Invisalign Mandibular Advancement add-on to successfully bring the lower jaw forward.

You may have outgrown the habit of sucking your thumb years ago, but sucking on an item like your knuckles or a pen, or chewing your nails, has the same detrimental consequences. On the posture of your jaw and the development of your jaw muscles.

Another problem that may be cause by a habit that develops unconsciously is call tongue thrusting. This occurs when a forward movement of the tongue displaces muscle and bone.

Invisalign’s Capability To Treat Additional Problems

The use of invisalign cardiff and 3M Clear Aligners are not limited to the correction of deep bites and overbites. Aligners made of clear plastic may also use to correct other dental abnormalities, including the overcrowding of the teeth. Gaps between the teeth, and crossbites. These conditions may arise on their own or in conjunction. With an overbite, but Invisalign can correct them in any scenario.

In addition to repositioning the teeth so that they have a more normal bite, the aligner may help straighten teeth and bring teeth that are too far apart closer together. Even underbites and crossbites may be correct with the help of Invisalign. Even though underbites are less common. It is important to get them to fix so that the teeth are protect and so that jaw discomfort does not develop in the future.

When Using Clear Aligners, How Much Time Does It Take To Correct An Overbite?

With Invisalign treatment, it is possible. To correct a slight overbite in as little as six months, and you can see benefits in a matter of weeks. However, a treatment course with Invisalign typically lasts for 26 months on average. One to two weeks is the suggested amount of time between aligner sessions. On the other hand, teeth may be move into their correct place. Using orthodontic procedures like Invisalign, first cause the destruction of bone tissue and subsequently the regeneration of periodontal tissue.

Both stages need 7–14 days, and some authorities recommend that no treatment plan should allow for replacing. Or tightening devices more often than once every three weeks since both processes require this amount of time. Too many changes in a short period might potentially cause harm to your teeth or alveolar bones. If you are experiencing jaw pain as a result of an overbite, our out of hours dentist in Cardiff can take care of your pressing needs in no time. Visit us any time of the day or simply schedule a consultation for Invisalign.

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