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Cleaning the condominium shaft – how to manage it in an apartment building

There is no way to understate the importance of a clean building. Real estate firms and property managers are well aware of this. Cleaning your building’s lobby, stairs, and atrium is extremely important.

A clean environment not only looks good but also discourages the spread of germs and bacteria. It is important to keep your tenants happy with a clean building because it will keep them renewing their leases; it will also demonstrate your building’s value to prospective tenants. We believe that a clean building is the best salesperson for a commercial cleaning company. With just simple janitorial services, it’s difficult to keep many areas clean.

The condominium atrium, often called a light well or cloister, is an area that is not always treated properly, yet it too can be a prestigious element of the building. 

Some doubt that this space is part of those for common use, therefore part of the condominium and to be treated according to the rules that are followed for the stairs, the entrance, and the courtyard.

The administrator must manage the cleaning of the condominium atrium just like the aforementioned and more well-known areas for use by all condominiums, but there are distinctions to be made.

Let’s see how it is best to proceed so as not to make mistakes. These words that introduce the analysis make with no doubt that the shaft is comparable to the entrance to the condominium or another space for the use of condominiums.

How to manage the shaft in the condominium

The atrium is a mini courtyard that surrounds it by perimeter walls whose purpose is to grant ventilation and lighting to secondary rooms that otherwise would not have an opening to the outside, for example, bathrooms and service rooms.

The fact that not all the real estate units belonging to the condominium can take advantage of the light well and the certainty that a condominium space gives rise to some uncertainty about the management of cleaning and the distribution of costs inherent in this architectural part. The building.

Also in this controversy, it was a court that shed light, in particular that of Melbourne, condominiums, with a ruling that established. Owners of the apartments overlooking it must bear the maintenance costs of the well only.

By deduction, that even the cleaning of the condominium shaft is the responsibility of those who directly benefit from it.

Who to contact for cleaning the condominium shaft?

To have an always perfect shaft, both from an aesthetic and hygienic point of view. It is advisable to contact a cleaning company, perhaps the one that already takes care of the other condominium areas.

Professionals in the cleaning sector can evaluate the best methods on how to clean this space. Eventually make a quote that the administrator will submit to the condominiums that have apartments connected to the light well.

We at SCS Group have been providing cleaning services in condominiums in Melbourne and all the states for years and we have found ourselves several times working in these small courtyards inside the buildings.

If you wish to have a professional opinion on the cleaning of the condominium, well, do not hesitate to contact us.

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