Cleaning with a specialized company or with a multi-service company?

There are big differences between those who do cleaning together with another multitude of services and those who specialize in this field. Not that multi-service companies do poorly in general, but it is certain that a cleaning company is more qualified in sanitizing and cleaning large and small environments such as offices, shops, private homes, condominiums, kindergartens and schools.

Those who need a series of regards-renovations, painting, plant engineering-are better off addressing those who have the staff to perform these jobs in the best possible way. But if you want to have shiny rooms with no health risks, then the right choice is the cleaning company.

Let’s start with a strong metaphor to erase any doubts on the topic “better cleaning than a specialized company or a multi-service?” Let’s ask ourselves a similar question.

Why choose office cleaning specialists

Would a general practitioner operate on you? The comparison is certainly exaggerated, but it is very useful to understand how much professionalism we need to perform the best cleaning of offices and other structures.

If you had to undergo surgery on a knee, would you be safe if it were a general practitioner to operate? You definitely wouldn’t trust it 100%. Perhaps you would be happier if there was an orthopedic surgeon in the operating room.

The same goes for a cleaning company: to have an excellent service and not risk it, rely on a specialist.

The work of a company specialized in cleaning is technical and must be done according to precise strategies, with products and machinery suited to the characteristics of the surfaces to be treated.

We at SCS Group are cleaning professionals and we know how to intervene in every area. Even if we provide other types of services in addition to cleaning, we cannot define ourselves as a multi-service agency, but rather a company that deals with 360 ° cleaning.

A true story to understand the importance of cleaning by professionals

We happened to acquire a client who previously relied on a small agency made up of just 3 “handyman” employees to clean the offices in the suburbs of Milan. For several years he used the services of this supplier even if not satisfied, because the tariff was very low.

Over time, the poor quality of their service made itself felt: many employees began to show symptoms of allergies and ailments, probably due to insufficient cleaning of the environment . We cannot be sure that the cause is the lack of professionalism of the “handyman” operators, but it is highly probable.

To solve these problems, the owner has contacted us at SCS Group. After our careful inspection of the environment, the customer realized how much attention to detail a good office cleaning job needs.

3 tips that will help you in choosing your supplier

If you are looking for someone to take care of the sanitation and cleaning of your offices, read these tips that will help you choose :

  • Be clear about your needs.
  • Consider that a so-called multi-service is a company that carries out different jobs, while a specialized company focuses its efforts and resources on the cleaning service.
  • Check the number of employees and make sure that the staff suffices to meet your requests. Few employees can do everything and, therefore, cannot guarantee an optimal result.

SCS Group is a company specialized in office cleaning. Our experts, professionals in the sector, will be happy to carry out a free inspection to verify what your office needs. Contact us for a no-obligation quote !

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