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College Preparatory Mathematics(CPM) – A 101 Guide

All About College Preparatory Mathematics(CPM)

The world is united by love, and students worldwide are united by their fear of College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM). Ask around you, and every 9 students out of 10 will tell you ‘Math is difficult,’ or ‘Maths is out of our understandability’ and so many other similar things.

This becomes really problematic for students who are preparing for college entrance. Most of these entrance tests require you to have a good grip on high-school-level math.

The course College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) helps students in the process of learning this basic level of mathematics.

Right from Elementary Algebra and Functions, Intermediate Algebra and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability, the College Preparatory Mathematics course covers everything.

Here in this blog, I bring all the details about CPM Homework Help that you must know before registering for the same.

A Brief Idea on CPM

Originally, math teachers and professors came together to change how math is taught. But then, slowly, it evolved to be The courses that develop students’ strong hold on entry-level college mathematics. They are –

  1. Collaborative study teams motivate students to work in a better way.
  2. The course incorporates a lot of real-life problem-based questions to stimulate student discourse about mathematics.
  3. Regular practice sessions ensure students’ firmer grip on every topic of the subject.

Here it is important to mention that when I say CPM prepares a student for their upcoming college entrances, I intend to say that it focuses on the better concept development of 6-12th grade mathematics.

CPM’s Vision and Mission

Vision –

They are working towards making the world more math centric, where math solving becomes a necessity and math problem solving can empower generations and solve all other worldly real problems.

Mission –

The course aims to establish an exemplary and strong curriculum and professional aspects of mathematics that, in a way, empower both the students and the teachers.

The course brings to you a team full of expert heads that can enhance the learning process for students and make it more effective and impactful.

Besides, they try their best to introduce innovative ways of learning Math Homework Help using problem-solving, reasoning, and effective communication.

CPM Curriculum

Middle School

The CPM curriculum for Middle School is –

  • Center Connections Course 1 – sixth Grade
  • Core Connections Course 2 – seventh Grade
  • Center Connections Course 3 – eighth Grade

High School

The CPM curriculum for High School is –

  • Center Connections Algebra
  • Core Connections Geometry
  • Center Connections Algebra II
  • Core Connection Integrated I, II, III

Advanced High School

The CPM curriculum for Advanced High School is –

  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science Java

Why Choose CPM?

CPM makes math learning different. They do it by making the entire process –

  • Student-centric
  • Problem Based and
  • Research supported.

Let’s check out in details

Student Centric –

  1. The students are divided into teams. The course supports teamwork and believes that group studies with friends are more effective than singular study sessions in the case of CPM.

Now they achieve teamwork by dividing the total strength into 2-4 teams based on their capability.

These give a scope to the students to share and discourse ideas.

2. The second thing that the course does is strategize ideas that mold different teaching techniques for different groups as per their capability.

Problem-based –

Math is all about problem-solving and practicing. Hence, a lot of attention must be paid to the same. CPM is actually known for doing so.

  • However, the intent behind this remains so that you should be able to think from various aspects of the topic.
  • Embedded questioning is a part of the curriculum. This helps in widening the knowledge of the students.
  • Challenging problems are a must part of the curriculum for which the students will be, in a way, bound to communicate with their team after a point in time. This will once again add to wholesome learning for the students.

Research Supported –

The CPM curriculum is based on extensive research. This is because research very well supports all three pillars of CPM – Collaboration, Problem-based learning, and Hybrid-space learning.

In addition, they do research on the dos that will make students more comfortable in such a learning environment.

Parting Thoughts

MATH cannot be avoided. It is a very significant subject that you will require throughout your life in different ways, especially up to your college entry.

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