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Community programs for adults with disabilities

We all have hopes and objectives. Our Group Home community for persons with intellectual and developmental. disabilities are focused on assisting children and adults on the autistic spectrum, with a traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, or other cognitive challenges in achieving their own meaningful objectives.

Some want to work or live alone. Others wish to meet new people and discover the world around them. We think that a life of healthy interdependence is crucial for everyone,

therefore we assist individuals in creating a solid circle of support they can rely on while they pursue their objectives.

Our programmes blend leisure, creative arts, volunteer work, life skills, pre-vocational training, and career counselling to assist each individual achieve their goals.

We work one-on-one with individuals to discover their objectives and then give the tools they need to attain them.

Adult Day Care Services

Hiking, creative arts, a trip to a museum, or a day spent helping others – each day presents fresh chances for participants in our Ruhil Care’sprogramme to learn, socialise, and improve their life skills. 

Community integration is essential. Whether it’s learning to mingle with peers at the YMCA, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or taking a Zumba class at the community centre, the program’s men and women connect with the larger community and develop skills in a variety of aspects of their

life. Art is also very essential. A youngster who can not speak verbally may express his delight by drawing in vivid colours.  Men and women of all skill levels may participate in activities that brighten their days and make a real impact in their lives. for health 

Practical Experience

For those who want to work, our Pre-Vocational programme offers practical hands-on instruction. Men and women learn the workplace culture, including how to interact productively with coworkers and standards regarding

appearance and punctuality, via volunteering, professional skill development, and other work-related activities. They may then gain confidence in their ability to master different skills by gaining actual on-the-job experience on our campus, such as working in the café or delivering mail, or by volunteering in other programmes.

Employment Assistance

Once someone has finished pre-vocational training and is ready to work, we assist them in finding a profession that is personally gratifying – one that they will like for years to come.

We provide career coaching and on-the-job mentorship to all of the individuals we help, as well as aid in finding the perfect position. Some individuals may also be trained in the specialised skills required by an employer.

She obtained the skills she needed to get her job via our Supported Employment Program.  Her hard work, along with the encouragement of her instructor, resulted in a promotion from rolling silverware to receiving visitors.

Programs for Children’s Recreation

Who wants to spend the weekend at home? Not the youngsters we help! They like athletics, creative arts, dancing, music, and field excursions.

On weekends, the children’s recreation programme is stocked with activities. Children develop important socialising, communication, and safety awareness skills, as well as how to care for themselves, via leisure activities.

A psychologist, nurses, nutritionists, speech therapists, and communication experts all provide direction and assistance to the youngsters. Families and caregivers may relax as well, knowing that their children are in capable, caring hands.

Habilitation in the Community

Our assistance is also supplied directly to individuals in need, when they need it. Staff members visit the homes of children and people with intellectual / developmental impairments on weekday afternoons or nights to assist them acquire certain tasks, such as cleaning their own teeth or riding the subway. 

Our assistance does not stop with persons who have intellectual or developmental challenges. We teach parents, grandparents, and siblings how to promote socialising skills and everyday life activities. 

Person-Centered Care

These strengths and goals serve as the road map for each individual’s path to a higher quality of life.

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