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Courses offered in Computer Science Engineering colleges in Bangalore!

Computer Science is a branch of engineering that encompass a lot of subjects, streams, and specializations. There are many colleges in different cities in India that offer diverse courses in the Computer Science and Engineering field. Some of these courses are at the undergraduate level others are at the postgraduate level. Let’s have a look at some BTech level courses that offer at colleges that have Computer Science and Engineering streams.

BTech Computer Science and Information Technology

This particular subject related to Computer Science Engineering is known for providing collate knowledge on Computer Science and Information Technology streams. The Computer Science stream is more the concept and procedure of building microprocessors, and writing a compiler. the IT field is the business-related side of computers that majorly databases, business, and accounting. IT is the application of computing technology to real-life processes, while CSE is the science that facilitates these processes. At most of the best colleges in Bangalore for CSIT, the curriculum for this course includes subjects like analysis of algorithms, development of algorithms, programming languages, computer hardware, software design, business information technology, e-commerce, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Augmented Virtual Reality, Block Chain Technology, IoT, Wireless Sensor Network, Mobile Application Development, Web Technology, etc.

BTech CSE/BTech CSE with specializations

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering is a four-year course. Through this course, students get to learn practical and theoretical knowledge of hardware and software systems of computers. Today, one may find many specializations for this course. The most common specializations offered at Computer Science Engineering colleges in Bangalore are listed below

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics

These are just a few names the actual number of specializations is much bigger.

BTech Computer Science and System Engineering

In the course of BTech Computer Science and System Engineering, students learn how to develop hardware and low-level software that are commonly used in industries and engineering. The job role of a Computer Science and System Engineer is to keep track of business functions like development, logistics, and other industrial settings. This does design specialized systems for product assembly and even automation with due consideration to high-level programming to design a user interface. Major subjects that form part of this course are computer programming languages, Advanced IoT Programming, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, Python for Data Analysis, IoT and Smart Sensors, Machine Learning, Introduction to Drones, Cloud Computing and Big Data, AI and Agents, Robotic Process Automation, Advanced Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, Multi Media Computing and Networking, etc.

BTech Information Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Information Science & Engineering is a course that is usually of 4 years. The course majorly deals with technological information systems along with computing systems. It provides solutions to business, research data, and communication support needs.

End Note

You can find these courses at the best Computer Science Engineering colleges in Bangalore. To enroll in any of these courses, you just need to complete your 12th from a reputed educational institution. All of the above courses have highly rewarding job prospects. There are numerous job profiles that a person can pursue and excel with the help of knowledge render in such courses.

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