Crafting an Authentic Social Media Presence For Your Business

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When it comes to social media marketing, authenticity is key, but curating an authentic brand identity that helps you stand out online, helps you build trust and helps you gain visibility on social media platforms can be quite challenging .Choose your social media Black and white hoodie

While being active across all social media platforms can help you grow your organic reach, spreading yourself too thinly is a common social media marketing mistake. Rather than attempting to advertise and publish on various sites, focus on one to three and keep your activity consistent.

Your brand identity must resonate

with your unique target audience, so it’s important to get clear on who your dream customer is and what needs or pain points they have that you can address. Once you know this, consider how you want your brand to be perceived by your target market. Do you want to come across as friendly and approachable or professional and trustworthy? This will help inform the language you use, the visuals you share and the overall tone of your posts.

Post content that your customers value and reflects their existing ideas to build an instant connection with them. By showing that you understand their point of view and have common ground, you can build up a mini-community online and show more of a personality as a brand than a corporate tone of voice. You should also build trust by providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the daily running’s of your business. This helps to break down barriers between your business, your team and your target market. Essentials hoodie brand represents visually

Color combinations and video content

can be used to reflect your brand’s values and goals online visually. Suppose you’re an outdoor/adventure brand. Your social media marketing strategy should evoke emotions of freedom, fun and excitement. Your content should energize your audience and encourage them to grasp every opportunity to explore and travel. Colors should be bright, bold and compliment the idea of outdoor adventure. Whereas a luxury spa retreat should incorporate gold, silver, bronze and ivory within their social media posts that bring to mind luxury, glamour and relaxation. This concept should be used across all social media activity and guide your choice of graphics, colors, video clips and music. Start conversations online

When it comes to authenticity,

you’ll need to actively engage with users online. And one easy way of doing this is by posting content that requests a response. From polls and questionnaires to debates and hosting live streams, social media marketing can quickly become your most powerful tool to gather insight and information about your customer’s likes and dislikes. With this data, you can make better decisions as a business, tweak your social media marketing campaigns and demonstrate that you value their input.

Give your brand a face

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