Dandeli: The adventure land of Karnataka


Dandeli is considered as the perfect destination when you want your trip to be full of adventure. Dandeli is situated in Karnataka and is known for wildlife. The second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka is Dandeli. In 2007 Dandeli was declared as a tiger reserve. You can visit Dandeli anytime but the ideal months are October to May. To reach Dandeli you can take a train, flight or come by road. If you are traveling by flight the closest airport would be the  Belgaum airport and it is 90 km away. The nearest railway station would be Alnavar station, being 35 km away. From the airport and station you will be getting cabs and buses to reach Dandeli. Dandeli has good connectivity with Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa and other places. Dandeli is known for the adventurous activities it has to offer.

Here is a list of what all adventure activities you can do when you are in Dandeli – 


Kayaking –

This activity is very thrilling and a lot of people might get scared looking at it. The boats are designed in a certain way and by looking at it you may feel you can’t do it. Once you start riding it is very easy. The guides there will make sure to help you if needed. Mostly all the kayaks can carry only one person which makes it even more exciting. There are quite a few water bodies in Dandeli and kayaking is usually done in  Kali River or Supa reservoir. Wearing a life jacket at all times during kayaking is a must. 


White water rafting –

This is the most adventurous activity where raft passes through different rapids. River rafting is always done in groups, but still it is very scary. River rafting needs teamwork or it is difficult to cross the rapids. A lot of energy is needed when you are going for river rafting as it is not an easy activity. If you want to create an adrenaline rush in your body then this is the best activity. In Dandeli, Kali river is where the rafting takes place. It is advised that you wear the life jacket, protective gear and paddle properly. If you do not know how to swim it is better if you don’t go for river rafting. 

Zorbing –

it is when you are inside a ball full of air and you keep rolling. Zorbing can be done on land and in water. It is a very fun activity because all you do is keep rolling in order to move ahead. Getting up inside  the ball and walking in itself is a task. From inside the ball is not uncomfortable for breathing, so spending half an hour will not be difficult. It is fun when you are in the ball and stuck in one place as you aren’t able to go ahead. This activity takes place in the Dandeli lake. 

Jungle trekking –

A trekking experience is always adventurous because you have to climb hills and trek on rocks. A trek in Dandeli is adventurous because the western ghats surround Dandeli. There are a lot of treks that you can go on like Kavala Caves trek, Kulgi-Nagzari Valley trek and Potoli-Shiroli trek. 

Camping –

Once in your life you should go for a camping trip as the experience is very unique. Camping in Dandeli is also mixed with climbing the mountain for camping. Dandeli has a lot of campsites because it is known for adventures and this is one of the adventure activities. Camping in winters is advisable as the weather is also pleasant and you can set the bonfire at night. 

Other Activites

A few other water activities are coracle rides and canyoning. Coracle ride is similar to a boat ride but the shape of the coracle is very different from that of a boat. Again this ride may look scary to you because the coracle is like a round basket. The coracles are actually made to navigate and not rides. The coracle ride takes place in the Kali river. Canyoning is another water sport which takes place near Supa Dam. Canyoning is climbing or getting down a cliff where the water is flowing. You will be tied to a rope and even given safety gears but it is a thrilling activity. 


As there are so many activities full of adventure, Dandeli is considered the adventure land of Karnataka. If you are looking for a trip only of adventure then you should go to Dandeli. 

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