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Designing a Perfect Logo for an iPad App Company or Technology

iPad App Company

Branding has never been easier than using advanced technologies to promote brands or companies. Even for the iPad app company, things have gotten pretty much easier. First, it was only related to creative industries. Still, with the rapid increase in tech businesses, there was a need to inform people and investors about the emerging trends or enterprises. Thus, giving rise to unique branding solutions. Since technical stuff is hard to advertise, agencies came up with the idea of designing a logo or creating a brand name that will represent its core values.

The designing industry is vast; various companies in different domains try to create a competitive advantage. It is becoming quite common in the tech world where applications, mobile phones, pads, websites, etc., need a brand name that will attract the users. It isn’t an easy task because not everyone pays more attention in knowing about new technologies, systems, or add-ons. Thus, it is clear to target a specific market niche, for example, IT businesses or developers that might want to learn it. However, here it becomes necessary to have an attractive name that is short and easy to remember.

What makes the best tech logo?

An ideal tech logo is simple and usually uses abstract art or symbols to communicate the brand’s message. It usually ponders on futuristic thinking and next-generation solutions that provide a solution to the emerging problems. Though this might interest some, others might be least interested or have no idea about it. Thus, to keep everyone engaged, the tech companies resort to logo designing. We have great examples of companies like Apple that develop everything from mobile phones to smartwatches to pads and many other things. Sometimes people name it an iPad app development company too.

This company wouldn’t have been popular if it wasn’t because of its unique logo that shows a bitten Apple. The symbol here is abstract with no meaning attached. Yet it gave the products a name that whenever people look at the design, they instantly recognize the brand. However, most brands have icons that attach meaning to the products and services they offer users. These technical logos are made similarly to a standard or creative design. However, they need dedication, presence of mind, and a lot of brainstorming, as attaching meaning to tech stuff is tricky, especially when all the names have already been taken.

Sonic the hedgehog logo is another example of such a business. It is a gaming company that offers video game series and has one of the most amazing logos that engages people from every age group. From its color and fonts to its layout, everything is perfect. Though it was challenging to create such an icon that represents the business, the designers were able to do it. They kept it simple, and everything later, from the icon to the layout, pointed out towards the gaming business.

4 Qualities of a good logo

  1. Relevant: The visual language of the tech businesses should be formal, representing the business offer in similar words. Words like state-of-the-art, modern, data-driven, and robust technologies are in common use.
  2. Distinctiveness: Make sure the design is unique, making it stand out from the competitors and creating a powerful visual impact on the consumers. It is one of the keys to growth and profits.
  3. Simplicity: Remember, the simple a logo, the more memorable it is. Though the trends keep changing and people or companies may want to go in-depth about the designs. It tells them about the services, to keep it simple, especially if you are a startup business. Thus, having a single yet attractive and well-defined idea is better than a too detailed one.
  4. Scalability: A good logo is highly scalable, means it is easily  usable across all mediums, be they large or small, digital or physical. Take the example of an iPad company app with the same icon on all its mediums, like websites, laptops, business cards, applications, etc. However, the design remains the same without being destroyed. The same symbol also appears on billboards, making it versatile to fit every size. The best part about them is they do not get pixelated, which usually makes them appear messy.

Examples of Best Tech Company Logos

  1. SERVIO Technologies

It is a software development, and distribution company developed keeping in mind the growing needs of people worldwide. SERVIO has an icon shaped like a plus sign with rounded corners, giving it much-needed soft edges. This makes the design attractive and inviting. Moreover, the perfect use of warm colors like orange and in contrast to blue creates a balanced design that catches the eye instantly.

Blue usually associates high-tech or startup businesses representing trust and efficiency. Here it gives it the perfect shape and message, letting the colors lead the way where blue tries to overshadow other colors but can uplift its look. The rest is just the company’s name with a combination of bold and standard text to emphasize its name.

  1. Ception

Another company, Ception, provides localization solutions where its logo delivers the idea with a 3-dimensional design that creatively marks the ‘X’ and nods to the GPS icon. Further, these geometric designs’ depth makes four triangles colored in different shades. These colors are taken from the startup brand palette and edited further to give them a little gradient adding depth and volume to the icon.

This logo has a modern touch, representing advanced technologies used in the solutions being provided. Besides this, it includes the complete business name, but its icon is used for a few of its applications. The example of a favicon on the website shows how beautifully the logo works in small spaces.


The technological industry is thriving where businesses want to expand faster and create a competitive edge. However, this isn’t possible for every company; that is why it becomes essential to develop distinctiveness to capture a more significant market share. This could be done through logos besides other marketing methods. The iPad app company is an example of a modern-day icon that creates a symbol that associates with the business and uses it on all platforms besides ipads.

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