Difference Between Packaging And Packing

It is easy to see why these two words can be confused. First of all, they start the same way with the root word being pack. They are use in the same condition and that is with the process of wrapping products and the people who are working in this industry can either be packing their products or packaging their products.

Packing and packaging is a huge part of the retail and shipping world. Packing provides the wrapping of goods and packaging the element as well as the protective wrapping. A deep look at each word and its function will help you to understand the difference between the two words packing and packaging. Packing and packaging are both materials which is used to pack with, bit their functions differ from one another.  Before start i would like recommend you to go for packaging company so that you can get full information about it related to your product.

What is the packaging?

It is the system of packaging the products for shipping, logistic, storage, and sale. Packing is confined to the protection of the products and pay attention on the process of design, assessment, and production of packages. Packaging is essential to the success of a product. Without it products are not recognizable in shops, and people may be less likely to buy them.

Packaging protects your products from any external and internal damage. It secures your product from packaging shipping risk and harsh environment factors. That is why the essential purpose of packaging is to protect the products and it plays an important role in marketing mix. Different types of designs and pictures on package make it easier for customers to identify what they want.

What is packing?

Packing is the material used to pack and protect the goods in a container especially in shipping world. It is the act carried out by a person or machinery to pack items for delivery. It refers to a process of packing some products like meat, fruit, and vegetables, ready for future sales in the food industry. Packing prepares a product for storage and a unit fits into a shipping container ready to hold a standard size quantity.

The word packing means the connection with the shipping industry. It includes sealing, covering, cushioning, weather proofing and so on. Which protects the product for any loss and making it ready for transport and storage. The material used in packing the product includes packing tray, foam, packing tape, cartoons, bubble wrap.

Difference Between Packing And Packaging

Packing can be understood as the product wrapping into a case or container to keep it secure. Packaging refers to the process of creating and designing a cover for the product to store and protect it from any damage and also acting as a promotional tool.

Packing involves proper covering of the product for the purpose of storage and transportation. Packaging covers the designing of the product, identifying the brand, protecting the product, making it attractive, storing and handling.

The main function of packing is to ensure safety. As against, packing is a tool which ensures product promotion, identification of brand, labelling, etc.


Both packing and packaging is an important part of logistics. which not only facilitates protection of the items. So that goods reach the destination in the good condition but also make sure proper transportation, handling and storage.

Now days, the packaging of the product is a crucial role in boosting the sales of the business. It has gained importance due to increase standards of health. And also differentiate the company’s products from the various products in the market. Thus, the good the packaging is, the more is the sales of the business.

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