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Disciplines Majorly Contributing to the Organisational Behaviour Field

Disciplines Majorly Contributing to the Organisational Behaviour Field

From an extremely youthful age, every single person must be a piece of an association. It very well may be as a faction, or as an understudy, or representative, and so forth. At various phases of life, individuals become a piece of various hierarchical designs, yet one thing that continues as before is the means by which they act and impart in such associations. This is a really huge field of study, which is named hierarchical way of behaving.


Anthropology is the study of humans. The primary goal of anthropology is to understand human-environmental interaction effectively. Culture is the collection of adjustments to the environment. The way people look at their environment is an aspect of their civilisation. It is also referred to as the ‘Study of Humanity,’ It encompasses various topics such as human evolution and the features of multiple communities, ethnicities, and human groups.

Anthropology is the study of the relationship between people and their surroundings. Culture has its own common beliefs formed by a group of people living together. It is based on a standard set of symbols mirrored in a group’s communication and values.

It is the social science that studies with the goal of learning about people and their actions

The following are some of Anthropology’s essential contributions to the field of organisational behaviour:

  • Values in comparison
  • Attitudes in comparison
  • Cross-cultural research
  • Environment in the workplace
  • Culture of the company

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Political Science

Political science is the study of social science concerned with the principles and application of politics. The impact of different political methods and techniques. Political scientists study individuals and institutions’ behaviour in the political context. They make substantial contributions to our understanding of organisational behaviour.

They help comprehend the characteristics of power bases, conflict structure and resolution strategies, power allocation, and how people utilise power for personal gain. In other words, political science aids us in comprehending the nature of power and authority within firms, which often have a hierarchical system of management and subordinates.

It is the study of personal and collective behaviour within a political context.

The most significant contribution of political science to the field of organisational behaviour is:

  • Conflict
  • Intra-organizational policies
  • Power

In the corporate world, firms aspired to be the best in their sector and engaged in political manoeuvring tactics to get the most benefits by employing strategies such as Machiavellianism, alliance creation, and misconduct. Political science expertise can be applied to studying employee and executive behaviour at both the micro and macro levels.

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