Dragon Ball: Strongest and Weakest Fusions

The greatest appeal of dragon ball is its low power situations where there were no ending battles large planet-destroying moves are endless minutes of yelling.

It was about a boy and his friends finding some balls which you know actually were a big deal in a series called dragon ball. Also, check- The Danganronpa characters

Do you know what the biggest threat in the first arc of dragon ball was a tiny man with his 2 goons harassing kid Goku with a few machines,

yeah, number peel was the main antagonist for the first leg of dragon ball?

The class with team dragon using is peel machines they were Max suits that allow the otherwise normal bad guys to become actual threats.

When 3 of them combined their power triple Goku could only calor and watches one robot become 3 stacked on top of each other yeah it’s maddening. Also, check- paw patrol characters

Max pack

I know it’s unlimited power so yeah it’s pretty obvious that this is the weakest fusion I could find that counted a well-placed Kamehameha destroyed one or 2 of this dime-store Max pack.

The only thing that Max had over Goku was that they could fly and even then he could hit them with his extended stats.

Our next entry technically has a power level but he never engages in direct combat old ties a fusion between elder kai and an old.

An obscenely long time ago in old which snuck into the realm of the kaizen snuck up on young elder kai confusing name I know and took one of his books are earrings this.

Because the 2 two fuses into the old high we know today during his lifetime old kind of got into an argument with the kind of destruction and was sealed away into the Z.

The sword

The sword we later found out that this god of destruction was none other than lord beerus,

old guy may not be physically strong after all a simple ki blast from Goku was enough to knock him out.

But he does have millions of years’ worth of knowledge and is a valuable mentor to go on Goku and indeed the rest of the chi’s during the saga.

he was the one who brought out go-on late into potential and gave Goku the Patara earrings that would lead him to fuse with the G.

Well, you may just be a frail old man old kai shows us that brains can overcome bronze.

Now let’s move on to a guy that actually knows how to throw a punch or to give you know chi is the Patara fusion between keto and the fuse chi takes on the physical attributes of both cars.

But retain shins voice instead of it being kind of altered next with both like the other fusions Do you mean I’m stuck this way to compete chi shock.

However their fusion is permanent which really sucks when you think about it the only wanted to demonstrate the power of Patara fusion,

and really only did it on a whim apparently when kai’s views it’s for good or so they thought however in dragon ball super to finally got to split using the maquis in dragon balls.

Gold chain

I wonder why old kai doesn’t do the same as I stated before however this guy has some fight in his gold chain and could be you know have fun before and barely made it.

Out alive as can be chi he is much stronger than the sum of its parts still old kai for bids to B. O. chi from fighting super blue with Goku Camino chi doesn’t fight much.

But he would be more than a match compared to the old guy we won’t be seeing many other chi fusions for quite a while on this list.

Our next powerful fusion is actually a bad guy our car is a fusion between although in the condo 2 soldiers in the freezer force.

They’re just low-level grounds and appear in the special yo son Goku and his friends return according to the data model in Ocado are similar to the Ginyu force in terms of strength.

But considering this is dragon ball super that doesn’t really say much about it auto appears when terrible Jeter’s estranged brother imagines that bombshell comes to him for aids drugs and goes to and check.


The to freeze grunts around before they get serious they fuse into a Cup a big beefy purple alien not wanting to be upstaged the to have to say its views into going tanks to take on their flight is pretty short-lived.

Because as soon as aka was showing just a smidge of actual power budget and Goku stepped in to finish him off well yes no problem stealing a victory from his own son Goku doesn’t kill avocado.

But instead, they attempt to make amends and join in the banquet this is all well and good but I think all because powers,

and character is overshadowed by the fact that you know has a brother we’re only just now hearing about it.

Halfway between absorption and fusion, there is no Mackey and fusion Canikli speaking it is similar to the peel-off machines combining where multiple of the same kind of combining their powers to one being willing.

But the primary has their identity remained intact with the maquis infusion one chooses to be part of the host body and lens their power to them.

The mackean assimilation

So it’s more accurate to call it the mackean assimilation but that has some negative connotations reciprocal use of this technique twice in dragon ball Z.

the first absorbs a dying mail and then with his new power he’s able to go handle himself against reserve at least for a little while the global does this again.

When facing the androids he fuses with calming and is strong enough to hold his own against android 17 what’s unique about this kind of fusion besides the fact,

That it’s permanent is that while the host retains control of their body and gains more power the assimilated body maintains its own consciousness.

Which is separate from the host however with piccolo fusing with Connie its dragon balls vanish sense Piccolo can’t maintain the link between his body in the dragon balls.

And here we are at the halfway point it’s here where we begin to see some real serious power behind the fusions and who better to start with than the first successful fusion dance fusion.

The dragon ball series go techs as stated before is a fusion of go on and trucks they viewed in the margin saga in response to the earth’s desperate need,

For powerful fighters at this point in the series had already defeated go on into the Geeta desperate times call for desperate measures well the fusion is normally more powerful.


The sum of its parts Gotenks is significantly more powerful than either drug or go Chad but the 2 are properly fused together go tanks are capable of going Super Saiyan 2 and even 3 feet.

Neither says it can do it on their own at the time of the character’s creation nobody could stand up to margin whose powers go tanks were able to go toe to toe with both margin,

And superb for a time Gotenks is a serious powerhouse but he comes up short in more ways than one for starters is cocky attitude can get the better of him in a fight,

And given his lack of experience compared to the other fighters it’s often undeserved arrogance worded trunks and Goten learn the fusion dance.

Well they got it from watching their dads well technically piccolo and Goku showed them the dads first you get the idea though go Gina is a result of the fusion dance between Goku and Virginia.

There are a lot of similarities between go Gina and Gina but the main difference is that the video is made with Proterra using and is regarded as the stronger of the 2 go Jeter was first introduced in G. T.

Believe it or not, go Jeter was made when super say in 4 was a thing the 2 fuses to take on omega Shenron they fused to make super say and forgo Gaeta and take on a mega Shenron.


The character was finally reintroduced at the canton when he appeared in dragon ball super broly although since the fusion dance was already can,

and I guess that means go Geeta already technically was nonetheless go Gina possesses all the techniques of Judah and Goku now which includes going super Saiyan blue just like would go tanks go Gina has other forms depending on if the GT and Goku to.

The fusion dance right during their fight legend number some thinkers are crossed and coach you know stuck in his obese form really going to hit your marks guys.


Dragon ball super gave us a lot and one of the higher notes was not one but 2 female say and that we’re actually powerhouses kale and cauliflower are sayings from universe 6 while,

These new sedans appear to be more slender in less rich than their universe 7 counterparts they are nonetheless still science which means they gain all the benefits of say in biology.

Well, almost everything in the universe 6 Saiyans never had tails Taylor says she may be Capela still has plenty going for her she is the result of a Patara fusion.

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