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eCommerce Web Design: 5 Pro Tips

While designing your eCommerce website, you are crafting a lovely online shopping experience for your users. It is critical as this is your chance to build your brand and create connections with your customers. But all this is possible only with the most interactive website design. Here, we will be discussing the pro tips for creating the best eCommerce website designs. Take a look!

5 Pro Tips for Web Designing

Here are the top tips for designing the best websites:

  1.   Keep the designs simple yet eye-grabbing

When you are thinking of designing a website, keeping it simple is the key. Ensure your designs are clear and clean to make it easy for users to navigate through the website and find the information quickly. Your main aim is to make a sale, so avoid any kind of distractions in your designs.

  1.   Use only high-quality images

As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” the same holds true for your eCommerce website. When you are on eCommerce website, will you buy the product without seeing it? No! The same holds true for your customers. You need to win the trust of your visitors. Add professional images to give users a view of the product from different angles, to help users see the product and take decisions carefully.

While selecting the images for the website and products, always go with high-quality pictures. The more relevant image you select, the higher the chance of increasing the conversion rate. Some eCommerce websites add only a single image of the product, and users feel hesitant to make purchases in such cases.

  1.   Give a professional look to your website

You created your eCommerce site to promote sales. So, you need to be professional with your website design. Users are going to insert their sensitive details like credit/debit card details, etc. It’s your duty to provide proper security to users’ information. Moreover, users will be comfortable in providing such details only when they trust your website, and it will happen if it gives them a professional feel.

From fonts to color selection, spellings, and product links, everything needs to be correct. It is wise to hire professionals like Kinex Media Ottawa Web Design Company, as they keep a close eye on all these details.

  1.   Create responsive designs

Everyone knows in this mobile world, most users prefers to access eCommerce sites on their small screens on the go. So it is necessary for your website to be responsive to every device – mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. Else you will end up losing your visitors if the website link is not working properly on the respective device that the visitor is using.

  1.   Use colors thoughtfully

Do you think color selection for your website is an easy task? Think over! It can make or break the experience of the customer. It’s not like that green is your favorite color, so you are making it your website color. Your selected color needs to match the feel of the website. Thoughtful selection can do wonders, as it can drive more sales by converting your visitors into permanent customers.

You need to understand the psychology behind the colors, like making your purchase button different from the rest to make it stand out. Once you understand the power of colors, and how to use them strategically, it can leave a huge impact on your web design and sales.


While designing the website, before taking any decision, be in your audience’s shoes. You need to connect with them by giving them the paramount experience. Your user-friendly designs and interface need to be so convincing that it makes your visitors your repeated customers. Use the pro tips discussed above to create the best web designs and leave a lasting impact on your website visitors.

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