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When you hear the words “forbidden kingdom,” what comes to mind? If you had the opportunity, would you go to a single? Upper Mustang reflects nature’s beauty in its purest form. Here are some points about Upper Mustang Trek:

Point 1:

Upper Mustang Trip is a challenging trek in Nepal’s lonely interior. Yes, Upper Mustang is famous for its seemingly endless deserted area and the beauty of the rocky soil that blankets the entire Mustang region. You and your family and friends can go on a riding journey to the deepest and highest points of this isolated land. Rock climbing, horse racing, and horseback riding are the most daring and popular sports.

When you consider climbing to the top of a rock and viewing the naure, it’s a really great memory. Everyone should go on the Upper Mustang Trek at least once in their life.

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Point 2:

Nepal is well-known not just for its natural beauty, but also for its cuisine and festivals. Upper Mustang is likewise more prosperous than the rest of Nepal in terms of cuisine and festivals. The towns here are built in the traditional Tibetan manner, and Tibetan Buddhism is practised in its purest form.

Point 3:

Towns with their beautiful and amazing fields look to be abandoned deserted gardens amid the bleak terrain, which deserves a visit. The trail passes across an old salt band route where Mustangs used to trade Tibetan salt. There is a massive four-story regal housing setup for the emperor in Lo Mangtang. The Reveal Lobby and Amchi School are two great places to see. The institution was founded by Tibetan professionals with the true goal of safeguarding their historical data. Also explore about valley of flowers trek and Tarsar Marsar trek .

Point 4:

You can ride a horse and reach Chhoser, where you can witness ancient religious groupings and natural hollows. Colt is known for its well-educated Tibetan culture, rich legacy, and everyday heavenliness, which includes scenery, conduits, and valleys.

The Upper Mustang trip is the ultimate doorway to the enigmatic world of Mustang, also known as Lo, the old Buddhist kingdom of Mustang. For decades, the area was restricted and secluded from the rest of the world, but it was able to develop its own distinct culture and rich traditions related to Tibet. This moderate, lesser-known trip traverses through one of Nepal’s driest districts and offers breathtaking mountain views.

Point 5:

Upper Mustang is located in the Himalayan rain shadow, giving it a superb monsoon trek as well as a year-round trekking destination. Winter is the most important consideration, as most citizens flee the capital to avoid the cold and snow. Upper Mustang is best visited between the months of March and early November.

Upper Mustang is unlike everywhere else in Nepal. Despite its proximity to one of the country’s most popular hiking areas, it is a world apart due to its spectacular semi-arid scenery and distinct Tibetan traditions. A hike here is unlike any other in Nepal, emphasising cultural discovery as well as breathtaking landscape.

The Upper Mustang hike leads to the Kingdom of Mustang, also known as Lo, and its secret Buddhist society. This distant trans-Himalayan mountain region, which borders Tibet, has an unique Tibetan flavour, both in terms of people and culture, as well as in terms of its dry terrain of steep cliffs and unusually coloured rocks.


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