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The broad appeal of women streetwear lends itself to both luxury and mass brands, which makes streetwear a segment. But, as people demand equality and gender is less a concept in society do we miss something with its hyper-masculine and masculine focus?

The report explores the ways in which the market and demand for streetwear for women have increased and the latest trends and brands owned by women that target the women who are striving to achieve Hypebae status.

Do you want to take more of a look at the information that underlies this study of the market for streetwear?

Some Key Points:

  • The market for women’s streetwear is popular and poised for explosive expansion, with major retailers shifting their strategies to attract this market. It was reported that women’s customers were expanding twice as fast as the males’ at GOAT. StockX has now sold more women’s shoes every 4 hours than it did in all of the year.
  • The EDITED data could be the reason behind its popularity. The women’s fashion market is getting more accessible and more brands dropping than they have ever. Consumers are reacting with new items that are selling out of the majority of SKUs are increasing by 47% in comparison. 
  • Although the right time has come to break into the market, it’s still dominated by menswear. Retailers who stock famous streetwear brands, as well as luxury designers, are committing 59 50 percent of their collections to this type of consumer. Retailers can’t afford to ignore the growing demand from the non-binary population and are committed to bringing designs that appeal to everyone.
  • The most popular streetwear trends can’t be separated by gender. Mixing sets, bold colors as well as oversized silhouettes Softcore contributes to an overall style and requires only universal size.

How has the market increased

Streetwear was among those categories which continued to prosper in lockdown and helped lift the market beyond its pre-pandemic level. We examined the drop of online-only products from the most popular streetwear brands like A Bathing Ape, Carhartt, Supreme, Off-White, and numerous others. Over the last 3 months, online sales have increased by 30 percent. YoY and surpassed the numbers of 2019 by 3 percent. The latest items for track suits for women are seeing a drop more than they have ever been – down 24 percent YoY and 9 percent when compared to the year before.

The product-product divides

With the market for women’s streetwear expanding, how do items available compare with men’s? In both the US as well as the UK online 59% of the products from streetwear labels were classified as for women than men. Footwear accounted for 30% of the new streetwear for women. While 28% of the men’s collection was unsurprisingly driven by sneakers. Tops were the dominant category of men’s clothing that was new. To the market with hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatshirts being the most sought-after designs. Tank tops for women were more popular than sweatshirts and Hoodies.

Accessories accounted for a higher percentage of the new streetwear for men than women at 8.3 percent in comparison. 6.4 percent. A large portion of this was devoted to new styles of hats – Beanies, bucket-style hats, and caps. For womenswear bags, bags were the highest segment of spending, driven by backpacks and shopper bags.

The Luxury Overlap

Our deep dive into the luxury market highlighted the role of streetwear in the retail market. That is dominated by high-end brands. Sneakers were the most sought-after women’s shoe style for high-end brands, comprising 29% of all shoes on the market. In the last three months, and an increase of 35% since the year 2019 when it was the third most popular style. As comfort continues to be the main driver of the fashion scene, timeless streetwear trends are growing in this area. From the beginning of the year, and through April’s end, the quantity of new styles has increased 53%. The beginning of 2019 and by 50 percent over the past year.

It is important to consider gender-neutrality

The high spending capacity of non-binary shoppers in this market, along with 56 percent of Gen purchasing. Outside of their gendered zone further emphasizes the importance of this segment in streetwear. Products that are gender-neutral or gender-neutral continue to be sold in this market. Increasing by 23% over the course of the year. It’s also likely to make an even bigger impact by a number of brands making streetwear that’s not classified by gender.

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