Fog essentials hoodies

Fog essentials hoodies

The original fog essentials hoodie is still the greatest, despite the fact that there have been numerous versions throughout the years. The grey with red box logo hoodie was one of Supreme’s initial releases, and it’s a real streetwear classic. The iconic colorway has had multiple re-releases since its debut in 1994, yet fans constantly demand more. This famous design is still highly wanted and quite pricey today, more than 20 years after its initial debut.

Fog Hoodie by Supreme and Louis Vuitton

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The Fog essentials hoodies and high fashion last year when Supreme linked up with the luxury label Louis Vuitton in an official collaboration. What’s the end result? A massive selection of products wowed fans. Essentials Hoodies box logo hoodie with the LV monogram print all over was one of the standout pieces from the collection. Naturally, the unique style that combined these two legendary brands was a huge hit, and despite being the most expensive logo hoodie ever released, it sold out almost immediately. Since then, the style’s appeal has only expanded, resulting in insanely high resale prices.

Hoodie with the Supreme logo in black on black

While there are plenty of Fog essentials hoodies available, enthusiasts generally prefer the more simplistic ones. It’s no surprise, then, that the black-on-black colorway is one of the most popular, having been re-released several times to the delight of enthusiasts. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear a design like this? The classic design is black, with a black box logo and white writing. As a result, everyone can see that you’re a Supreme fan. The style is not just a timeless classic, but it is also one of the most expensive hues to purchase. Oh, and did we mention that it’s been worn by a slew of celebs, including Kanye West?

Polka Dot Box Logo Hoodie by Supreme x Comme des Garçons

Fog essentials hoodies and Comme des Garçons collaborated for the first time in 2012 to create their first collection. T-shirts, Vans, and, of course, box logo sweatshirts were among the clothing and footwear on display. The Essentials Hoodies design and now-famous reversed box emblem made these sweatshirts instantly iconic. Today, they’re difficult to come by in decent condition, and if you do, you’ll have to pay a premium to get your hands on one.

Hoodie with the Supreme Peach Box Logo

Fog essentials hoodies seized on the popularity of delicate, pinkish tones for the Fall/Winter 2016 season, releasing a number of goods in peach and baby pink colors. Style-conscious admirers of the label snapped up these items fast, praising the on-trend colors. One of the more interesting pieces from the collection was a pretty amazing peach box logo hoodie, which was included among the lot. It was also created in restricted quantities, making it a highly sought-after and special object.

Teal Box Logo Hoodie by Supreme

While several famous box logo sweatshirts have existed throughout the years, teal coloring is one of the most recognizable. The style, which debuted for F/W ’09 and featured a teal design with a traditional red Supreme logo, became an immediate favorite (box logo). The design is now highly sought after and very impossible to locate. If you do get the chance to put one on, know that you’ll be in excellent company. Tyler, the Creator notably sported one in his single She music video.

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