Free VOIP Phone Calls – VOIP Technology Explained in Detail

VoIP phone is an innovative invention that allows you to make local, long distance, and international calls for free or very inexpensively. you may have questions about how VoIP works and what the benefits of VoIP are:

VoIP’s Relationship to Computers and Networks

A side from VoIP, let’s study computer networks. You may have heard the terms computer, network, switch, and wireless network. Computers communicate with each other using copper wires, fiber optic cables, and wireless radio waves. Computer communication takes the form of data. 

  • For example, when you send an email to someone, the email is converted into packets and sent through a network of computers, switches, and routers, and when the sent packets reach their destination. 
  • They are converted back into email. This entire process takes less than a few milliseconds. 
  • This is how communication takes place within a computer network.
  • Since the nature of VoIP is very similar to computer data communications
  • It is important to understand how computer data communications work.

How does VoIP Work and How do VoIP calls travel over a data Network?

So, now that you know what a computer data network looks like, it will be easier to understand how VoIP works: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and a VoIP phone does not feel or sound any different than a standard PSTN call. 

  • When we make a VoIP phone, a communication path is established between the caller. 
  • The caller via the Internet Protocol (IP), which operates over a computer data network. 
  •  And when these packets reach their destination. 

Why should I go VOIP phone?

Having worked in telecommunications for over a decade, I can tell you that nothing has changed more in this field than the Internet. Today, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the hottest topic of conversation among my clients and telecommunications service providers. 

  • For those customers who ask this question, let me give you a brief answer at this time. 
  • So, VoIP has some beautiful aspects depending on the customer you are consulting with. 
  • So, here are some things to consider in your business to determine if VoIP could be an intelligent strategy for your business or a waste of money.

Long distance is very inexpensive. 

We can put most of our customers on long-distance plans for 1% per minute, sometimes less, but we still have customers who spend a lot of money on long-distance calls. Most VoIP plans make long-distance calls entirely free for these heavy users, so they can consider using VoIP. 

  • I have clients who have gone from spending thousands of dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a month just by switching to a good VoIP phone plan. 
  • But the truth is, most clients don’t pay enough for long distances. So they can’t justify adopting VoIP for long stretches only.

Wrap Up

This entire process of voice-to-data conversion, transmission, and loud data conversation takes place in a matter of milliseconds. This is how VoIP makes calls over a data network, and we hope you now understand the basics of how VoIP phone calls occur.

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