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Life in the 21st century is as busy as things can get. Our responsibilities and desires have taken a firm hold of our lives. Finding time to think about others and the plight that some of us face seems almost impossible. And yet, in a time of crisis, the humanistic urge to help each other stands out more prominently than any other phenomenon. The COVID-19 pandemic was a perfect example of these people standing together even in the times when standing together was deemed dangerous physically. It is the ability to empathize with others, not only with words but by doing something that will improve the situation. 

We guess the only reason behind your astonishment is that you are unfamiliar with the concept of AmazonSmile. If you were looking to read up on the subject, you could not have landed on a better page. In this brief, we will discuss the amazing way this Amazon initiative is helping charities strive hard for the welfare of the disadvantaged section of the community.

 A Revolution

AmazonSmile is just like Amazon. You will find every item and article that you normally find on Amazon, on AmazonSmile as well. However, there is a distinctive difference between the two platforms, the difference that anyone with a kind heart will appreciate, applaud, and encourage. When you shop on AmazonSmile, 0.5% of the total cost of your shopping will be donated to a charity or cause of your choice. It is pertinent to mention that you will not be charged any apparent or hidden transaction fees, nor will the chosen charity be subject to any charges. The donation money generated when an eligible purchase on Amazon smile has been made goes directly to your chosen charity.

Do you realize the magnificence of this idea? Let’s say that there’s a person who shops regularly on Amazon. Now, for every virtual trip made to the retail giant’s website, they give back something to society. The brilliance of this idea has propelled other commerce giants to implement socially conscious shopping in one way or another. However, AmazonSmile is the number one choice for many regular Amazon shoppers because it is Amazon, after all.

Support Your Favorite Nonprofit Through AmazonSmile App

Now, let us shift our focus towards how you can support your favorite nonprofit through the AmazonSmile mobile app. Follow the following steps and support the charity of your choice that makes a difference in society!

1-      Download the Amazon shopping app from your mobile phone’s application store. You can download it from Google Play, or if you’re using an iPhone, you can download it from the app store for iOS.

2-       If you haven’t joined AmazonSmile already, then you need to sign up at and scroll down through the list of charities to select the favorite charity that you want to generate donations. As we mentioned earlier, there is no price for joining AmazonSmile.

3-      Open the Amazon app and go to the settings in the main menu. Here, tap on the AmazonSmile and follow the instructions on your screen to turn on the AmazonSmile on your device. It is pertinent to mention that the Amazon smile in the app is incompatible with devices like iPads and other tablet devices. You can type into your browser if you have one such device.

Shop Eligible Items Only!

One thing that we must mention here is that there are millions of items up for purchasing at AmazonSmile, just as they’re available on Amazon. However, it is important to mention that not all of these items are eligible for generating donations. You need to do very carefully select the items that are donation legible and then proceed with your purchase. The donations are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation, which is why they are not tax-deductible by the consumer. Also, you need to ensure that the charity you have selected is connected with the AmazonSmile platform. Normally, they are, but it is always better to double-check for good measure.

So, now that you know all about AmazonSmile App, which charity will you support? If donating to fund the treatment of underprivileged patients appeals to your heart, then Transparent Hands is one option you can consider for your donations. The 501(c)(3) charity is making a massive difference in Pakistan’s healthcare landscape.

What is Transparent Hands?

A charity organization that concerns itself with providing free health care amenities to patients from disadvantaged backgrounds in Pakistan. The organization provides free medical and surgical treatments, conducts free health camps, and provides telehealth facilities to patients in remote areas of the country. Donors can select any campaign from the website and contribute to it by donating via the crowdfunding portal. 

Final Remarks

You know what to do now! AmazonSmile App is a brilliant initiative fast becoming a reliable source for charities to generate donations. It is one of the easiest ways to help humanity. We are sure you are already thinking about the charities you will support via this initiative.

Adam Wills

I've been working on health-related projects for the last 7 years. I love to explore new things. I love to help the deserving community across the world.

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