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Guest Post Opportunities for Real Estate Blog 2022

Guest Post Opportunities for Real Estate Blog

We’re pleased to have you join us at Go Blue Sun.

Go Blue Sun is a Real Estate blog that caters to those who are constantly looking for help on a broad variety of subjects that affect their lives. Since its inception we began, our goal has been to explain the complex economic concepts in a simple yet still insightful manner to our readers. If you’re a journalist who freelances and feels you could add value to our growing website, we might have something for you to share with us.

We are open to freelance writers as well as guest post opportunities that are focused on the various aspects that comprise Real Estate and present them in a simpler manner. If this interests you, please feel free to send us an email of your past articles, your personal profile, and a topic pitch at

The Go Blue Sun editorial team is a skilled and experienced editorial team that will examine your work to determine if it meets the guidelines of our company. Once we’ve received approval from our editor-in-chief and our editor-in-chief, we’ll post your article in Go Blue Sun and share it on all of our social networks.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you use the sources from our site as internal links along with other external links from trustworthy websites. By using these links to the right resources, not only will your content appear more professional, but you’ll also successfully gain the confidence of our visitors. Check out the Guidelines for Editorial to find out more.

Expect These Kinds of Articles on Go Blue Sun

Given that our blog is the only Real Estate website, the kinds of content we publish that we publish on our blog are as diverse as:

  • How-to guides — or articles that provide straightforward solutions for solving specific issues.
  • In-depth articles or lengthy technical pieces help the knowledge of readers about certain topics.
  • Opinion Pieces -or written works that reflect the personal beliefs of the writer.
  • Product Reviews or guides that put the emphasis on the latest breakthroughs, developments, and other innovations in the field.

Real Estate Topics We Cover

As stated previously, Go Blue Sun aims to simplify the complex terminology in the industry so that we can reach more people. For a quick an idea of what topics we cover, take an overview of the topics below:

  • The economy is the entire world of production and consumption of services and goods.
  • Investments — This teaches readers the complexities of distributing funds with the hope of reaping some benefit in the near future.
  • Real estate — informs the public about the fundamentals of making money from buying land, property, and the rest.
  • Technology — this focuses on the concept of change as well as the impact it has on society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Procedure for Submitting my Content?

You’re probably able to say we’ve caught your curiosity. The next step would be to reach out to us via email at along with the subject “GBS PT Writer-(your complete name).”

Also, keep these in mind:

  • A 50 to 60-character title of the article
  • A 1000-word article
  • A collection of optimized images or videos.
  • A brief bio of the author, along with your most recent photo
  • A listing of internal and external hyperlinks
Can Our Company Guest Post on Your Real Estate Blog?

We from Go Blue Sun would be delighted to partner on behalf of you as well as your organization. Send us an email to this address but this one with the following subject “GBS GP-(your company name).”

What’s Your Publishing Process?

Once we have received your original article Our team will don their editorial hats to determine whether the content you submitted is up to our requirements. We strive that we are as open as we possibly can and will send you a confirmation from us when your article is posted online.

As always, you can email us any time at We’re eager to hear from you.

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