Here’s How Essay Writing Got Changed with Time!

This technological world has changed a lot of things; there was a time when students used to write assignments and essays with their knowledge manually. However, as time has turned, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, to get the assignments done, various students can help from an expert that provides essay writing service Australia. But in the earlier days, the internet world wasn’t very familiar to the students and vice-versa.

No matter how much you try to compare your life to those who had graduated before you, each generation’s struggles and era have been somewhat similar. The complex topics for students at that time are now a cakewalk for students of this generation. However, as the studies have become more advanced, today’s generation struggle with time to finish their essays on time. Apart from complex or unfamiliar topics, it is no time and too many tasks on the plate that makes this generation’s students struggle to complete the tasks at hand, which is why they require “do my assignment Australia” help.

Moving forward, let’s see how essay writing has changed from then to now. Not to forget, the essay still means the same. A writer’s point of view on a particular topic is what an essay always means.

Struggles Students had earlier

Years ago, when students used to get assigned to do essays and assignments, their sources were restricted as they didn’t have the internet for extensive help. The only sources for students in the earlier days were going to libraries, researching study materials, notes, and textbooks, taking professor’s guidance or asking any senior who had done similar tasks, as they didn’t have the option of taking help from an expert who provides essay writing service Australia.

Finding relevant references and citations to support the written statements or arguments in the essays used to be a tough task. As the citations are use in an essay to justify the write statement irrespective of the essay type, choosing the right quotes without any external help was a tough job. But to ensure better grades, completing and submitting the essay before the deadline was a must as there was no other shortcut to it.

Essay writing in today’s era

As the resources and time were limit, it somehow bound the students in the earlier days to explore more; however, in today’s era, the internet has the answer to everything. With that ease, finding accurate citations, new angles to write an essay, presenting a point of view from various perspectives, and inserting valuable words to make the essay more authentic and credible.

Students of the new era have all the resources, either to do the assignments themselves. Taking the help of online free tools, copy-pasting the essay from other sites. Or taking “do my assignment Australia” help from the essay writer. Having all the options ready to roll in a second, the students of this era have their own struggles, such as lack of time, lack of knowledge of the topic, or lack of knowledge of the guidelines. All these things have given birth to new issues.

At last, the comparison can never be fair because as the technology and connectivity grow. Taking essay writing services in Australia is becoming an easier task. And if you are currently looking for one such option, then the Online Assignment Expert is your place to visit.

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