Here’s How You Can Improve Your Warehouse Security

Here's How You Can Improve Your Warehouse Security

Did you know that retailers lost $ 68.9 billion in 2019 due to retail thefts? (Yes, we know it’s a lot!) If you’re a solid owner, these numbers illustrate an alarming situation you have to deal with as soon as possible.

Hiring experienced guards is another ball game and can help you take the security of your business to the next level. However, finding a reliable guard is like finding a straw needle.

Hiring a unfit security guard is never a good decision. Yes, you can save money, but think about the problems you may encounter. Services such as patrolling and tracking thieves can be difficult for unscrupulous security officers. If you want to get the best security for your office, it’s best to choose the right security guards.

You must have an overview of security issues to prevent theft. So how do you do it? Keep reading this blog and learn four effective ways to protect your warehouse.

Use RFID cards

You’d be surprised that 75 percent of their company’s employees steal. If you want your warehouse to be secure for these employees, it is best to start using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards.

Employees can quickly change the manual data entry in your warehouse, but this cannot be done using an RFID card. If you know how to install RFID sensors in your warehouse, you can monitor your employees and products from the comfort of your office.

Yes, using RFID cards can strain your business budget, but it can pay off because it can prevent warehouse theft. Install surveillance cameras

Want to keep an eye on your warehouse, but don’t know how? You can install CCTV cameras that cover every corner of your warehouse. Surveillance cameras can help you identify potential theft and prevent employees from stealing any product.

However, managing CCTV cameras can be a problem. Fortunately, with the new WIFI-enabled surveillance camera, you only need a laptop and an internet connection to access the cameras from anywhere in the world. Add a motion detector

Although security cameras are a unique tool for your warehouse, they cannot secure every part of your warehouse. If you want to increase the safety of blind spots, consider installing motion detectors. You can connect your motion detectors to an alarm system that can alert the appropriate authorities to prevent a robbery in your warehouse.

Hire security guards

If you want to prevent thieves from stealing products from your warehouse, hiring experienced security guards is the perfect solution for you. Your security guard can not only intimidate thieves, but also keep an eye on your employees. Many attempts at theft are at night. If you want to maintain a level of security 24/7, we also recommend hiring a night watchman for your warehouse.

Use security guards to help you improve warehouse security

If you want to improve the security of your Warehouse security guards San Bernardino, hire experienced security staff. Can’t find a reliable security and surveillance service for your warehouse? Our team can help you. We have been serving customers in the US few decades.

We have a team of civilian guards and guard uniforms to keep your business safe. Our bodyguards can keep many businesses safe, including banks, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, universities, offices, and many more.

Contact us for more information about our security services.


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