Horse Owners should have these items.

These items are essential for horse owners.

The horse’s owner is easily identifiable by their vehicle. If you spot these eight things in a car and you can probably bet they’re the owner of a horse.


You’re guaranteed that you will find Hay inside any horse’s vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you discover a bale of hay or tiny hay flakes that are carried around in pockets or cuffs for jeans. Owning and working with horses makes getting rid of the Hay difficult.


The owner of a horse will probably have carrots, apples, or peppermints in their cars regularly. If you’re not able to discover these specific treats and you’re not sure, you’ll likely come across other kinds of treats for horses.

Paddock Boots

We’re betting that if you look in the trunk or the back of the car, you’ll find old Paddock Boots. We, as horse owners, are constantly changing in the process of getting to or leaving the barn; therefore, paddock boots will likely be found in our vehicles.

Saddle pads

If you inspected my vehicle today, you’d see at least four pads for saddles. Saddle blankets or saddle pads require cleaning and regularly replacing. So every horse owner has at minimum a couple of saddle pads in their vehicle waiting to be cleaned or in the process of returning to the horse barn.


Martingales, spare bridles bits, and even the saddle are likely to see these items in the care of a horse’s owner. We take these items at home to store them or move them and transfer them to barns around the world for use on another horse, and then somewhere in the process, the tack isn’t always able to get out of the vehicle.

Water Bottles

Water is an essential item when you are riding horses. There are likely to be at least a couple of water bottles – either full or empty in any vehicle of a horse’s owner, particularly in the summer.

Riding Helmets

Many people who ride horses travel with horseriding helmets because, in the end, you don’t would want to have the possibility of riding without a helmet.


A lot of horse owners will drive their cars for a grain drive at one point or another. It’s possible to find a grain bin inside the vehicle or even fragments from grain the owner keeps in their pocket.

Farrier tools

We suggest that all owners of horses have the basics of Farrier tools at home to easily remove a shoe that is loose and trim any rough edges to avoid breaking. It is important to be able to safely take a shoe off before the horse gets injured due to nails protruding, and giving hooves an initial trim are excellent techniques to learn.


When hauling heavy loads, the harness must have the horse’s collar, which allows the horse to utilize all of its strength and weight. Harnesses that are made specifically for different animals (such as the yoke utilized for horses) are not appropriate for horses and won’t let the horse work effectively.

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