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How Can I Extract Business Data From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Business Lead Extractor

Why LinkedIn For Business Data?

A new survey showed that LinkedIn is clearly the leader when it comes to social media lead generation sites. In fact, more than two-thirds of 75% of respondents said they use LinkedIn more frequently than any other option.

According to a survey report, LinkedIn is 50 times more popular than the next most used social media site, Facebook. The social media site, which has more users than LinkedIn, also has a credential rate of no more than 48% among respondents. Instagram is ranked third with a 45% credit rating and Twitter is fourth with 25%.

The purpose of the survey and report was to help companies understand the importance of social media sites to attract potential customers. As a small business, making your company profile on LinkedIn or any other social media website allows your customers to easily find you on their mobile devices.

As this survey indicates, LinkedIn is the most widely used social media site for lead generation in the market. This means more of your customers are more likely to use LinkedIn to find your place or business than any other social media app. By having your business on the LinkedIn platform, you make yourself easier to find by local customers. Since 55 million businesses are using LinkedIn, it is very difficult to obtain relevant and updated business details from LinkedIn for marketing. You can find and extract data from LinkedIn to Excel using the following method.

How To Extract Business Data From LinkedIn To Excel?

LinkedIn is probably the most popular business and social media site for b2b lead generation, you can search and find targeted leads easily by typing your keywords in the search bar of LinkedIn. Searching for the required business information on LinkedIn is very easy, but manually copy-pasting data from LinkedIn to CSV/Excel takes a lot of work.

Do you want to extract large amounts of data from different business LinkedIn profiles but manual copy and paste operations make you feel nauseous? Time to try LinkedIn Company Extractor! It will automate the LinkedIn Scraping process. And allow you to save the extracted data in the format you choose such as CSV, Excel, and Text files. LinkedIn Scraping tool will save you time and money for many other tasks.

Extract Data From LinkedIn To An Excel Sheet With LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Profile Extractor is an easy-to-use tool to find and scrape data from LinkedIn company profiles. LinkedIn Company Scraper allows you to extract unlimited business data from LinkedIn without any coding skills in a few minutes. You can schedule the LinkedIn scraping process for a specific time and for a specific country.

LinkedIn Data Scraper is a fairly easy-to-use email and phone number finder tool that allows you to search for email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn by the business name and also by company profile link.  One string of code is not required to use this LinkedIn Contact Extractor! The main feature of LinkedIn Company URL Extractor that makes it different from other LinkedIn scraping tools is that it works as a real user and saves you from being banned by LinkedIn.

How Does It Work?

It will open LinkedIn in the google chrome browser where users can manually search and apply any filters like if you only need emails or phone numbers from LinkedIn company profiles, then you can apply filters for that. When the results are displayed, just click on the “Extract” button after selection, and the LinkedIn data extractor will extract the data and save it in an Excel, CSV, or text file.

You can get the following details from LinkedIn through this LinkedIn Company Extractor.

LinkedIn Company Profile link

Business Name

Telephone/Mobile/Fax number

Full address

Business ratings

Business Reviews

Website link

Additional phones

Social Media Links

Staff, and much more

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