How can I find the manpower Employment agency in Malaysia?

Companies usually hire manpower agencies or resource companies to fill their personnel needs when they require more talent to perform specific tasks. Both talent-seekers do the same thing by helping companies find the best talent for job openings. There are, however, some differences that make one more suitable than the other based on your business, operational, and human resource requirements. Here are some of the ways in which a staffing agency differs from a manpower Employment agency in Malaysia.

Manpower agency vs. staffing agency:

As a manpower agency, the scope of engagement begins and ends when the company deploys the required personnel. In the meantime, staffing companies handle a company’s service level agreements with its personnel management, including training, paying salaries and benefits, and disciplining workers. Manpower agencies have a number of key characteristics.

  • Manpower employment agencies may be run privately or by the government.
  • Their services may be limited to mid-management or higher.
  • These agencies handle a wide range of businesses belonging to different industries.
  • Generally, manpower employment agencies place people into long-term employment.
  • The agencies do not directly hire employees or pay their employees.
  • A candidate has to go through an interview before a company employs them.

Why should you use a manpower recruitment agency?

There are three major reasons why you should hire a manpower recruitment agency.

  1. There is no need for candidates to attend interviews, and therefore, it saves the company time.
  2. Secondly, the candidates provided by the agencies have high-quality standards in terms of efficiency.
  3. Startup business requires experts, and these companies have adequate in-house talent.

How do select the right manpower recruiting agency?

Here is a guide to hiring an employment agency in Malaysia for your personnel needs:

1. Outline your hiring requirements:

To choose the right recruitment agency, it is essential that you clearly describe your requirements. Be sure to plan accordingly if you intend to hire one, a few, or many employees. Your hiring needs, including specific positions, should be clearly communicated to the recruitment agency. It will help you identify the right firms specialized in your field. Furthermore, it will help you find a candidate who matches your recruitment criteria.

2. Interviewing Recruitment Agencies:

The main goal is to find out whether the particular agency can provide the candidates with the skills you are looking for. You must ask the same questions to the recruitment agency as you would during an interview with a candidate. As a result, it will be easier to evaluate whether they will meet your needs. Some questions which can be asked to them are:

  • “Do they have candidates that you are looking for?”
  • “How much time do they need to find the right candidate for you?”
  • “What quality check are they going to do for identifying the right candidate?”.

3. Selecting an Agency:

Selecting the perfect Employment agency in Malaysia that meets your requirements is the most vital step. When you are in need of temporary or short-term staff, a staffing agency should be your first choice. If you require higher-level personnel, you should hire an executive recruitment company. Before proceeding, you should check whether the specific general recruitment agency matches your organization’s requirements.

4. Scrutinize the budget:

You should first search the market for the best recruitment agency, but that will mean nothing if you are unable to afford its services. Recruitment agencies indeed provide high-quality candidates, but their charges are also relatively high compared to agencies that offer almost the same quality of staff. Recruitment agency charges, in some cases, may not fit your budget, which causes you to spend time pursuing results that are beyond your budget. It is essential to know that selecting the best recruitment agency that fits your budget is one of the main steps.

5. Ensure the experience of the recruiter:

When choosing the perfect employment agency in Malaysia, a manpower agency’s experience is the last and most crucial factor to consider. You should check the testimonials, reviews, or feedback from current or previous clients, as well as their established business history. You should compare your choice with other market agencies if you want to have the best option. Compare the service provided by the agency with the market leaders.

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