How Do I Cancel My Netspend Account?

 What is NetSpend

As you are reading this post about how to delete a Netspend account, it seems you are already an existing user of Netspend. With that being said, I mean, a frustrated user who wants to close his Netspend account for good. If this really is the case, let me assure you, that this is the right place for you. Right here in this helping post, I am going to show you the simple and professional way to cancel your Netspend account. Also, further in this post, I will help you to understand how you can deactivate a Netspend card with ease of mind.

 What is NetSpend?

For anyone who does not know about the NetSpend company, here is a quick introduction to NetSpend. Most of you might have used or heard about prepaid cards. As the name suggests, a prepaid card is a card on which one can load money and carry it in a wallet with ease of mind. A prepaid card is a great way for cashless payment. A prepaid card looks like a typical debit or credit card. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most of the cards come in palm-size with a plastic body. Each card has its own card number, CVV code, and expiration date. Speculations are rife that Netspend lets its cardholders save money on every purchase. On some regular intervals, Netspend unlocks cashback, discount, and coupon codes schemes.

I don’t know whether Netspend is really better than others or not. But, one thing is clear: everything’s not fine with NetSpend. Why? Because a lot of people who read my blogs every day, have contacted me and requested me to write about the possibility of getting rid of the Netspend account and card. So, when I realized the presence of so many unhappy customers, I thought to write on this topic. Let’s cut to the chase and move on.

How do I delete my Netspend account?

Unlike the other payment apps and prepaid card service providers, NetSpend has not cleared anything about its account cancelation policy. If you open the Netspend app on your phone, you will not find anything that seems helpful to delete your Netspend account. Also, the official website of NetSpend does not say anything about how to delete a NetSpend account. Even though you don’t need to worry. Do you know why? Because you have options to delete your Netspend account. Firstly, you can dial the Netspend support number which is 18663877363. And secondly, you can contact the Netspend customer service via email. Netspend customer service email id is

 How do I close my Netspend debit card?

Before everything else, let me clear one thing. Stop using and throwing away the NetSpend card will not cancel your prepaid card or account. So, disregard any such thoughts if you have any. But, again the problem is that NetSpend mobile application and website don’t shed light on the process to follow to close accounts and cards. So, the idea here is to dial the NetSpend customer service number or email them. Until you receive any response from Netspend support, you can do one thing. Maintain zero NetSpend card balance. Also, don’t forget that your card must have an expiry date. And when the expiry date exceeds, your card will automatically expire for good.

When you can’t delete your Netspend account

You can’t be more wrong if you think that you always can delete your Netspend account. There are a number of reasons and conditions under which closing a Netspend account is not possible. All those particular reasons are mentioned below:

  • You can’t delete a Netspend account if there is any pending payment.
  • Until and unless you pay the due if there are any, deleting or closing an account is not possible.
  • In case there is any complaint or investigation going on against you, you can’t delete your Netspend account.
  • Before or without clearing the Netspend card balance, you can’t delete your Netspend account.

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