How is Apple Transforming The World of Technology?

5 Ways How Apple Transformed the Technology World

Today, Apple has become one of the biggest and most profitable companies ever. However, the success that they accomplished didn’t come overnight. The company slowly but surely made strides by delivering one innovative device after the other, changing the technology world for the better. Back in the ‘70s, Apple was started by three friends in a garage and today, it has become a huge company that churns out phone which is sold across the world every nine seconds. The company didn’t really invent things. Their products, tablets, phones, MP3 players, desktops, and laptops existed before. However, it was the vision of them that made the brand and those things immensely popular.

5 Ways How Apple Changed the Technology World

Apple has always remained a step ahead when it came to delivering innovative products. Using your Spectrum internet plan on your device so enjoyable is due to this company that brought great changes in both desktop and mobile. This is one of the many reasons why so many people love the brand. Here are five ways how Apple has changed the technology world.

1. Macintosh

It was 1984 when the brand launched Macintosh after their varying successes with Apple I, Apple II, and Apple III. This device because the first computer to have a graphical user interface. It was a huge innovation at that time, allowing one to interact with a computer that everyone does today. This device shook the tech industry that enabled Apple to shine more than ever before. The Macintosh was later known as Mac.

2. iPod

There were MP3 players long before Apple thought about the iPod. However, when this device was released, it simply made the tech world go crazy over it. It was a new class of luxury music player that everyone wanted to have while every other brand wanted to emulate the device. iPod helped the company launch its other services as well such as iTunes, and its built-in store. In 2017, the brand killed off iPod Nano and Shuffle. However, iPod Touch and iPod SE are still available in the market.

3. Legal Downloading

Piracy has always been a big issue which almost crippled the music industry during the early 2000s. People were downloading music illegally. Plus, there were not enough options for people from where they can buy songs or albums. Luckily, Apple launched the iTunes Store in 2003 which rescued the music industry. This service offered a new way of pricing and selling music. Ever since the release of iTunes, more such stores have appeared online.

4. Smartphones

Before Apple presented their vision of the smartphone, the devices people were using was not only clunky but also hard to use. The company changed that by eliminating the complications and designing a certain smartphone that everyone wanted to own. The launch of Apple’s iPhone by Steve Jobs which happened back in 2007 is still pretty exciting to watch. Perhaps, even more so now, given how much the world has progressed technologically.

5. App Store

After a year since the release of the iPhone, Apple dropped a huge bombshell by launching the App Store. This once again created huge waves within the technology world. The store would eventually become available on the desktop as well but not before it has structured an entire industry devoted to creating highly engaging, profitable, and highly addictive mobile games. Today, there are dozens of great applications on the App Store such as the Spectrum T V App. This app will let you watch your favorite television shows while on the go. However, to get it, you would first need to subscribe to the internet service after surveying different plans like Spectrum TV packages.


Apple has single-handedly transformed the technology world by consistently launching great products. Mac, iPhone, and iPod are just a few examples through which the company become a market leader. Another invention worth mentioning is the Apple Watch. This device once again proves why the brand deserves all the praise that it has been getting.

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